Parliament Summons NPA To Justify $63,000 Monthly Rent



The National Petroleum Authority (NPA), will next week provide justification for the payment of 63,000 dollars a month as rent for its office at East Legon in Accra.

The mines and energy committee of parliament has summoned the Authority following accusation by the Minority in Parliament that the state is not getting value for money in the transaction.

Chairman of the committee, Dr. Kwabena Donkor tells Joy News’ parliamentary correspondent Elton Brobbey critics should also be curious about “the floor space, [as well as] price per square meter”.

He however said the Authority should be made accountable if the rent does not give value for money.

Dr. Kwabena Donkor believes after 10 years of existence, the NPA should be in position to have its own office building.

“I am all for accountability, I am all for value for money. That is what we should be asking for; that we don’t think there is value for money to continue renting”.

In a related development, he said there is nothing wrong with decision by the Bui Power Authority to construct a golf course and recreational center for its staff at Bui.

He explained that it is a norm for a company of such nature to put up such facilities for their staff. He wondered how many Ghanaian engineers would “ideally leave the comfort of Accra to live in Bui without these recreational facilities, appropriate schools for their wards and hospital”.

“I think we should be more critical than that, we should be more intellectual and do away with political opportunism,” he advised.
Nonetheless, he advocated for a scrutiny if the quoted figure is overblown

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