Panama Papers, President Kufuor And The Man With The Ant Infested Pant


The chicken will always come home to roost. That is in the order of things. First it was WikiLeaks that told the rest of us outside politics and diplomacy, about how the world is run, by who and through what means.

As if in a follow up, last Sunday, Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm released what is now famously known as the Panama papers, these are documents leaked by a consortium of investigators across continents, after they hacked the database of shell companies that were lodged in an enforcer’s records.

With them, the world is once more rattled by the unveiling of mind- boggling secrets of how the rich and big names in government and businessmen, do offshore deals that deprive the state of taxes and even revenue due to them, because some are alleged to be stolen and stashed away in tax havens.

The leaked database of Mossack Fonseca revealed a lot of information that is causing consternation across the world with some heads of governments, turning in their letters of resignation already.

Not surprisingly, and not out of turn, the former President, John Agyekum Kufuor, have his name mentioned in this international scandal.

According to the Panama Papers, John Ado Kufuor, the elders son of our former President and his mother; former First Lady, Theresa Kufour, jointly controlled a $75,000 (66,000 euros) offshore account in Panama and appointed Mossack-Fonseca, the Panamanian holding company to manage what has been called the Excel Trust.

So far, no criminal or illegal activity has been pinned to the door of the Excel Trust or even to John Addo Kufour. Again, $75,000 for a family that
had made their substance before J.A. Kufour became president, doesn’t sound that outrageous, but it is morally wrong and it stinks.

However, beyond the pointing of fingers does this not sound a bell that should at least get us wondering what politicians and their families do with not just the people’s money, but their trust too?

President Kufuor, is really selling this country, he has done that, both as sitting president and now ex-president. I will appeal to the government to make him the country’s brand ambassador.

For eight as President, he subjected our national heritage to open and blatant pilfering by his friends, family and cronies.

Every day when you think the man has finally left the stage, something pops up to tell you to fasten your seat belt for there is more to come.

To be honest, I have started falling in love with him, because like him or not, love him or hurt him; he has carried himself very well as a statesman, when he left office.

His own party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), had cause to question his support for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who himself is suffering from credibility crisis and loyalty to the New Patriotic Party.

After the passing of President John Evans Atta Mills and the subsequent investiture of President, John Dramani Mahama, former President Kufuor, has earned my love and respect, but the recent Panama papers, revelation about his son, leaves much to be desired.

I have read what the lawyer with the ant infested pant, Ace Ankomah, wrote in defence of the ex-President’s family. The crux of his epistle or post was that, what the son of the former president did was not illegal. He was speaking as a lawyer, not a moralist, a capitalist not a socialist, a citizen of Panama and not Ghana.

I felt it was shameful, irresponsible, populist and like a vulture, waiting to swoop on the carcass left behind by the Kufuor family.

Never a one to miss an excellent opportunity to strike when the head is still on the block, Ace Ankomah, has stepped forward with the strange theory that, those of us asking the questions, do not know anything and that we do not have our heads well screwed. He could have made his points, without resorting to his usual, questioning of our sanity.

Ace Ankomah always want to seek a shot-cut to glory by seeking to purchase a good image, but this time he took the wrong turn.

The so-called elites, who should champion the process to curb the misuse of authority and such legal facades (at least as is being employed) as offshore banking, are the ones busy defending and rationalizing it.

There is always the legal and moral argument to every subject, which patriotic citizen, who is proud of his or her country, will for purposes of not wanting to pay taxes, open a shell or offshore account?

There is no way anybody can convince me, not legally about the appropriateness of this action. More developed and advanced nations are calling for the blood of their leaders, whose names appeared in the over 11 million leaked papers.

Are we smarter and wiser than them, the answer is no, they demand accountability from their leaders. Anybody who have had the privilege of superintending over his country owe it a duty and responsibility to stay above reproach.

Somebody should please tell Ace Ankomah, what I think he already knows too well, namely, that when a room is horribly messed up with the indiscriminate droppings of a very reckless dog, what you must do is to bend down and carefully wash the place with an active detergent. Only then would you get back the fresh, pleasant air that makes a room worth inhabiting.

But if you take the unhealthy short cut of spraying the dog-shit with heavy dose of deodorant, then you will get a putrid scent that will make the room more repelling than ever before.

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