Oxford Business Group Appoints New Team For Country Project


The global publishing, research and consultancy firm Oxford Business Group (OBG) has appointed a new team to lead its fourth year of operations in Ghana.

Aicha Larbi Daho Bachir takes up the post of Country Director, while Eduard Faith joins her as OBG’s Editorial Manager. Together, they will oversee the production of The Report: Ghana 2014, the Group’s forthcoming investment guide to the country.

Both Bachir and Faith have made a significant contribution to OBG’s coverage of emerging markets across Africa and the Gulf. Bachir moves across to Ghana from her native Algeria, where she was instrumental in extending OBG’s reach across the MENA region. She has also worked extensively on projects in Libya.

Faith comes to Ghana from Nigeria where he compiled the editorial content for OBG’s recent guide to the Kingdom’s economy. Previously, Faith helped to produce last year’s landmark publication on Nigeria’s investment opportunities while Bachir was on the team who produced The Report: Nigeria 2012.

OBG’s Regional Editor, Robert Tashima, welcomed the team on board, adding that their experience of directing projects on emerging economies across the region would prove useful in their new roles.

“Ghana is facing a tricky balancing act in terms of managing its public sector balance sheet, which has constrained policy flexibility over the near term,” he said. “However, the country’s long-term traits, including favorable demographics, resource wealth, competitive infrastructure, and a strong labour pool, offer an attractive set of fundamentals for direct investors. If Ghana can encourage capital into more non-commodity sectors, to better limit exposure to international volatility, it will be well-placed to sustain its high headline growth over the long-term.

With their combined breadth of experience in some of Africa’s other frontier markets, I’m confident our new team will provide an insightful look into the rapidly-evolving dynamics of Ghana’s economy.’’

Bachir agreed that Ghana’s strong underlying growth fundamentals should provide solid foundations for long-term growth. “Ghana is also playing a key role on the regional stage which we will be exploring,” she said. “I am thrilled to be here at this exciting juncture in Ghana’s development and look forward to meeting the people who are playing a part in shaping the country’s future.”

Faith added that the Group’s research would look in detail at changes to domestic policy which were aimed at ensuring future growth is sustainable. “We will also chart the progress of important infrastructure projects which are of key interest to investors, including the Western
Corridor Gas Infrastructure system, scheduled for completion this year,” he said.

The Report: Ghana 2014 will mark the culmination of over six months of on-the-ground research by OBG’s team. It will provide information on opportunities for foreign direct investment into the nation’s economy and act as a guide to the country’s many facets, including its macroeconomics, infrastructure, banking and sectoral developments. The Report: Ghana 2014 will be available in print form or online.

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