Owning Businesses Does Not Make Dr Nduom, The Messiah Ghanaians Are Looking For!


Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum, founder of the Progressive People’s Party’s (PPP) crave for popularity and relevance, is blinding him to the realities of the day and to lose hope in the Ghanaian.

I have always wondered, to what end Dr. Nduom is getting ahead of himself to achieve, is he after the highest office of the land, or he is after immortality?

This question always agitates my mind anytime I hear him speak. Not that, he is not a good material for President, like me, he has the right under the Constitution to aspire for the highest office of the land. The office is opened 24 or so, many million Ghanaians, including his political ally, Akua Donkor would have entered.

Owning businesses and having money to spend, does not give you the right to think that, you are the Messiah Ghanaians are looking for.

It is possible in another time and generation, but this time around, Dr. Nduom, cannot and will not be President.

Someone might think that my conclusion is based on the strength of his political party that is an argument left for the academics; mine is based on the persona I

It is good to dream, it is in fact free to dream, it does not cost anything, but some dreams are only what they are, dreams. Paa Kwesi Nduom’s dream of governing this country will not see the light of day.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra on Monday on the theme, ‘2016 elections-violence, tribalism and stealing equal’s poverty,’ Dr. Nduom made very interesting revelations, he said “election year spending by governments in the Fourth Republic, has put the country’s economy at risk and collapsed many businesses”.

Although Dr. Nduom failed to give instances and examples of businesses that folded because of spending in election year, he nonetheless made that sweeping statement, without stopping for a moment to examine himself and answer the question, why he was in politics.

Dr. Nduom cut his political teeth by associating with the Convention People Party (CPP); he was in Parliament as a Legislator on the ticket of the CPP.

His first attempt at the Presidency was the flagbearer of the CPP, when he lost the 2008 election, after putting up a poor showing; the party realized that, if Dr. Nduom is allowed to lead the party, he will mortgage the party for his personal gain.

He started having problems with the leadership and the rank and file of the party, Dr. Nduom, with his tail in-between his legs, quickly jumped ship and decided to form his own political party.

He subsequently became the founder, leader and the flagbearer of that party, with the hope of becoming a President, or worse becoming a third force and push the 2012 election to Second Round, but that was not to be, as Ghanaians saw through his act, as an unbridled ambitious man who will swing anywhere the wind blew him.

He stabbed the NPP too in the back, when after taking juicy appointments from John Kufuor, when the party needed his support, he pointed to them, where he came from.

It is popular sayings that once beaten twice shy, although, it is true that Dr. Nduom, has been beaten twice, but whether he is twice shy is what is of great
contention as his utterances to score cheap political point,this indicate he may not have learnt his lessons. It is also said that anyone who fails to learn from the mistake of the past may soon repeat it. Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, is heading for another political humiliation in 2016, should he dare contest.

No political party trust him, he even fell out with Akua Donkor, who he paraded before the press prior to the 2012 presidential election, as to forming an alliance.

An astute politician like Paa Kwesi Nduom, would think that, Akua Donkor, was going to add anything to his political fortunes, means he still has a lot to learn, as far as politics is concern.

Many are of the opinion that Dr. Nduom, since losing the 2012 election began to walk the same footsteps that led him to the humiliating defeat in 2008 and 2012.
Talensi Dress Rehearsal

“Based on what I saw in Talensi, the Mahama administration is on course to repeat the excessive spending in election year 2016 and bring back problems for all of us and whoever wins the election. If as President Mahama said Talensi ends up to be a dress rehearsal for 2016, then God save Ghana.

“I want to be wrong on this, but if you are a business person, I suggest to you to start right now and brace yourself for a rough 2017,” he said.

The unfairness in Ghana’s elections starts way before the actual elections and continues to Election Day, Dr. Ndoum indicated.

He accused election observers of becoming another element of cover-up for stealing and bribery.

“I am afraid for Ghana…I am not afraid about how the PPP will fare in the 2016 elections rather I am worried about what will happen to Ghana during and after the 2016 elections.

“I am convinced now more than ever that politics of intimidation, violence, abuse of incumbency, the use of our tax money by the party in power, tribalism and vote stealing, if continued to 2016 and beyond, will condemn and entrench the majority of our people in poverty in all its forms – poor housing, bad health, short lifespan, inferior education, disease and unemployment,” he said.

“What type of democracy do we have that allows some political parties to act with impunity, cheat and divide the same people they want to rule, he quizzed.
In 2015, all knowing and soothsayer Dr. Nduom, is already warning business owners to brace themselves for a difficult 2017. Which serious politician, will assemble journalists and look Ghanaians in the face and tell them that 2017, will be a rough year and yet expect them to vote for him to come and do what, fix the problems?

By his admission, should Ghanaians make the mistake of giving him the top job, they will leave to regret, since he has nothing to offer them. President John Dramani Mahama, sees a bright future, he has said that the problems facing us today, are temporal, and by 2017, Ghanaians will smile. The light at the end of the tunnel is shining already and yet Dr. Nduom sees only darkness.

By his own actions and utterances, means he does not believe in the ability and capacity of the people he is hoping to lead, Ghanaians have an undying spirit, a can do spirit, they have demonstrated more than once, especially when the odds are against us that we can surmount every problem.

Dr. Nduom, must not believe in himself, but he must not prescribe a gloomy future for the country.

2017 will be an exciting year, when all the policy being implemented today, will take shape and begin to bear fruits.

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