Over The Hills


“Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better” that is what Albert Einstein said about nature.

Moving to Omanjor in the Trobu Constituency in the early 2000s, could make one marvel at the intense beauty and tranquility the town possesses.

The green trees, the fragrance of nature, the yellow clay we go to collect in expectation to our creative arts molding practical back in primary and Junior High School (JHS) are all fond memories.

The environment was quiet and very conducive for farming, hence obtaining the name Omanjor, which in GA, means a town of Peace.

Some still refer to it as Attipoekope, which in the Ewe language means, Attipoe’s town, which is the name of the Chief of the town.

The prominent feature of this place are; the bad roads and rocks large enough to leave vehicles no other option, than to keep avoiding them on the routes.

A few years from the evergreen hill brought to us the deadly activity of stone quarry and deforestation by the local people for their domestic activities left it to ruins.

This hill just leaves in our minds beautiful memories of the past from a flourishing hill to a non-appealing sight of brown dust which fills every time we see it.

A lot of dangers come our way when we mishandle the gifts of nature. Actions against deforestation, sand wining and illegal stone quarrying were not abided by.

Using the Mensah Addo Memorial school stretch from Sowutuom also in the Ga West Municipal Assembly, one can see how coloured or silver roofing sheets have turned all brown and dusty due to the poor condition of the road and the trail of dust the commercial buses popularly called ‘trotro’ leave behind as they speed past.

A lot of issues from the poor road condition, to the availability of health facilities, poor sanitation and poor drainage system.

A little town with too many problems to carry, but one thing we can proudly boast of is the Omanjor M/A School, which is the envy to many surrounding towns and an improvement to the country’s educational system thereby, a feather in our cap.

Is the town over the hill, going to get better soon?

By; Esther Awagah

GIJ, Level 300

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