Over 10 Communities Cut Off From Other Parts Of North Dayi Due To Poor Road Network

More than ten farming and fishing communities in the North Dayi District of the Volta region, have been cut off  from the rest of the region due to poor road network.

Unmotorable roads means farmers in WusutaKpebe , Tongu, and other communities  are unable to transport  their produce to market centers as commercial drivers refuse to ply the roads.

The situation, has affected healthcare delivery as the only CHIP Compound is at the verge of collapsing.

Erosion has not only eaten away portions of the only main road linking these communities but also forced  on that dusty bumpy road  to develop into gullies.

The only CHIP Compound in Wusuta Kpebe has not been spared.  A facility that used to record  40 patients a day only see 15 now.

Wusuta Kpebe market was not only the backbone of the local economy in the area as it attract traders from both within and without but a lively place to be.

The market is on its knees now. That  busy market is as quiet as cemetery as weeds take over the once busy and active market center.

The reason is simple-traders  and motorists no longer patronize the market.

Poor road network has left tons of farm produce and fish left to rot.

Frustrated farmers, fishermen and fish mongers say there is no solution in sight.

According to them ,they have made several complaintsto the authorities but nothing has been done about the situation

“We have complained several times but they have not done anything about it “a resident said

DCE for North Dayi, Edmond Kudjo Attah  says  government is committed to improve roads in the area  to improve local economy.

According to Mr Edmond Kudjo Attah, unmotorable roads in the district would be fixed by close of the year as some of the road contracts have been awarded to boost  economic activities to the communities

“We have already awarded some contracts and some of the roads will be fixed by close of the year” Mr Attah promised

He explained that government did assessment  needs in the district and have prioritized some projects that needs urgent attention which includes the roads.


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