Our Society Has Lost Its Values


On Wednesday, October 1, 2014 edition of the Herald, we carried a very disturbing story of how young girls between the ages of twelve and fifteen, as well as older women have turned the Redco Flats in Madina, a hub for sex trade.

Prostitution in most of our cities is no longer an endangered profession. Gone are the days when the profession is frowned upon and anybody engaged in it was seen in the society as an outcast. Unfortunately, these days as we develop and have developed the taste for imported products, our long cherished culture is giving way to the open and unbridled solicitation for sex.

The young girls involved in this trade, are the future of this country and are suppose to be in the classroom, learning to compete with their counterparts in other parts of the world.

To every effect, there is a cause; is it a case of parents abdicating their responsibility? or that we are gradually becoming a country dominated by people with the philosophy of get rich quick.

You also have irresponsible men out there, who patronize these small girls, who are young enough to be their children. The phenomenon is so alarming that you hardly mention any area in Accra, which is free of these young prostitutes.

When Sodja Bar, was demolished some years back, through the hard work of Anas Armeyaw Anas, many were those who heaved a sigh of relief, unfortunately as a people we failed to see to the integration of the young girls, who have found nothing to do with their lives, but sell their body for money. One Sodja Bar was demolished; many more sprang up in other parts of the city, including the reviving of the old ones.

From Lapaz to Madina, Accra to Dansoman, you have brothels all over the city. Some hotels have been turned into brothels. It is no wonder these days, you have videos of sex, as well as naked picture of girls making the rounds on social media. It has become so rampant that you can hardly tell who will be next.

Our society is fast decaying and yet every makeshift structure is being turned into church. We can count not less than 100 different churches with varying beliefs in the city, the question we ask is, what are our Pastors and Imams teaching the youth.

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