Our Security Agencies Must Be Up And Doing


Whenever an issue crop up, we will discuss it extensively, with the suggestions of various solutions, and wait for another one to rear its ugly head and then we will resign the first one to the dustbins of history.

In Ghana, we never exhaust any subject nor follow anything to its logical conclusion and so often, like a ball that we throw against the wall, the problem or the issue bounces back, when we have all gone to bed.

A fortnight ago, we were dealing with the issue of Fulani herdsman, it only even became an issue of public concern, when residents of Agogo took matters into their own hands, by given an ultimatum to the herdsmen to pack up and leave their town.

All the security experts in the country spoke, and so the security agencies sent a high powered delegation to the area to assess the situation and look at the way forward, so as usual after one week, we are where we started again, totally forgotten.

The incidence of Fulani herdsmen, did not start today, it is a national issue, because whiles the people in the Ashanti region are crying, those in the Volta, Northern, Brong Ahafo, and Eastern Regions are also complaining about the havoc the herdsmen and their livestock are causing.
Which serious country, will allow animals to roam their towns, cities and villages like pets.

What happened to ranching of animals, for not only to prevent them from straying into farms to destroy crops, but also so, we can monitor and control the outbreak of any disease?

The owners of the cattle, must ensure that, they comply with the laws of the country, and keep their animals properly housed, as it is done all over the world.

We have sat back and allowed small scale mining, popularly known as ‘galamsey’to become another canker that is threatening the security and safety of Ghanaians. Are we waiting until that too also get out of hand, before measures are taken to control the fall out?

We need to do things right and at the right time, we pussy foot with everything, until it blows up and then we call for assistance from outside.

Our security agencies, must be up and doing, they are trained to combat menace as we have enumerated, not to be shooting and killing innocent citizens, as the police are doing lately.

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