Our Quest To Travel Outside Has Blinded Our Skills


Although, the government has placed an embargo on young Ghanaians, especially girls travelling to the Middle East to engage in menial jobs, the situation is different when one visits the airport.

In droves they embark on the unknown journey, where those who have been there, have shared their sordid experiences, one wonders what motivates our young girls to want to travel outside to engage in jobs that are demeaning and dehumanizing.

It is a fact that, the government which the biggest employer, cannot continue in that tangent, if we want meaningful development and the provision of infrastructure.

So the private sector, has been encouraged, motivated and given incentives, to enable it mob up, what will be left, after government has employed.

Unfortunately, our fixation for foreign travel, has taken away the entrepreneurial spirit that saw the creation of many Ghanaian giants, who were celebrated here in Ghana and the world.

Families, will prefer to pay huge sums of money to travel agents, who themselves do not have a clue about what the young men and women go through, in search of greener pastures outside.

The amounts of money involved in these trips are enough to start a small business that could be natured to become a conglomerate, yet we would rather use those monies to sponsor foreign travels, with no hope of knowing what will come out of it.

The grass, they say is always greener at the other side, many people feel, the only way they could earn a living is by travelling out of this country.

It has worked for some people, but it has turn out to be a nightmare for others.

Some countries offer equal opportunities, regardless of where you come from or when you enter the country, but the Middle East, has been a den for molestation, intimidation and outright abuse of people, who go there to earn a living.

It is, however, surprising that, many are still defying the embargo and the appeal to still travel to the far East, at the risk of their own lives.

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