Otiko Djaba Fights Sister Dede Djaba


Over Akufo-Addo’s Heathrow Cocaine Arrest Claims

The women organiser of the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Otiko Afisa Djaba, has described as “distasteful lies”, claims by her sister, Dede Djaba that the party’s recently re-elected flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, was once arrested at the Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom (UK) for drug offences.

The Djaba family is partly from Somanya in the Eastern Region and Bole in the Northern Region, and have been known to be Dankwa- Busia loyalists. This is the first time that the members of the family have been divided over issues in their party.

Otiko, who after the 2012 elections, appears not to be ready for any accusation that she was a spy for her nephew, President John Dramani Mahama . She came out openly and said that she was never trusted in the NPP, because of her relations with the President, who hails from Bole.

Dede Djaba, a Lawyer based in the UK’s allegations is trending on social media, as having told Amansan FM in the UK that: “Nana was a good friend; I worked for him, believed in him until I got closer and found out what I do know today. Amansan why do you think his own Cousin will say he cannot sleep comfortably in Ghana with his children and feel safe any day should Nana Akufo-Addo ever become the President of Ghana? I am telling you, he is a dangerous man. If Nana Akufo-Addo says he has never been arrested in the UK, he should consent to a DBS background check to be done on his life and lifestyle in the UK. What you will find is shocking and I know what I am saying”.

In a rebuttal statement, however, Otiko condemned the statement attributed to her sister saying: “My attention has been drawn to unfortunate and distasteful comments made by my sister, Dede Djaba, against the personality of the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo”.

“The comments she made, on Amansan FM UK, have no basis whatsoever and is solely aimed at tarnishing the hard won reputation of Nana Akufo-Addo, ahead of the 2016 Presidential election”, the NPP women’s leader said.

According to her, “the claims she makes in her statement are lies that have been recycled over the years by propagandists, who till date have not been able to bring a single shred of evidence to buttress their false claims that Nana Akufo-Addo was arrested at Heathrow Airport”.

She concluded her statement saying: “I have been compelled to issue this statement because many people are attributing these comments to have been made by my good self. I urge all well-meaning and discerning Ghanaians to completely disregard these statements and give no credence to such stories, which are nothing but well-calculated attempts to destroy Nana Akufo-Addo”.

A group based in London, calling itself “Crusaders for Change 2016” says, it has observed with great sadness the inability of the NPP UK branch, under the leadership of Michael Ansah, to act decisively against Dede Djaba, a fanatic supporter of Alan Kyerematen, who went on radio stations in the UK in the last two weeks to repeat old, discredited false and nasty allegations against Nana Addo.

“Our issue is not so much with Miss Djaba, who, oddly, is a known member of both NPP and NDC in the UK. Our issue is not with this oddball as Ghanaians in the UK who know her well have made it clear to all of us that she is mentally unstable and can go off whenever she refuses or forgets to take her medication. Our issue is not with that kind of attention seeker”.

Our issue is rather with the lazy and unacceptable manner that the UK branch executives have taken this matter. It is as if they are happy to sleep peacefully while the character of our leader is attacked right under their noses by a woman they sit and think with. As to what they think with a woman who admits to being mentally sick only they know.

These allegations by Miss Djaba first came to light two weeks ago and yet no action has been taken against the woman. We are wondering what it is that Mr Michael Ansah is waiting for.

We of CFC 2016, wish to send a strong warning to all and sundry that the days when the excellent reputation of our flagbearer became rather a free punching bag for his enemies both within and outside the party to hit and kick at are over. CFC 2016 was formed specifically to serve as guard dogs to protect the victory that the NPP is working for in 2016. 2016 is no joke. It is not for the faint hearted.

NPP has a sacred job to win back the confidence of Ghanaians in an overwhelming way in 2016, form a competent government under the visionary and compassionate leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo and rule well to rescue Ghana and bring back hope to the suffering masses.

Nobody will be allowed to get in the way of this Godly crusade!
Miss Dede Djaba, has over the years built a nasty reputation for herself for insulting NPP leaders and members since 1992. She did it to all Chairmen and elders, including Mr J H Mensah, former Finance Minister under Dr K A Busia, and Mr Boye Anawomah, Busia’s private secretary. She also in the past made serious allegations against three former UK branch chairmen, Dr Agyei Barwuah, Mr Ampratwum and, recently, Atta Krufi.

Because of her mental condition, this trained solicitor, whose license, we hear has been withdrawn, was never taken seriously for any of her wide and unfounded utterances. We were therefore surprised to see that the new executives thought she was still fit enough to be invited to join a committee of the branch! It seems to us that the new leadership was more interested in rewarding her for the nasty contribution she made in the contest to unseat the old leadership rather what she can do to help our efforts to win power in 2016.

It is also a know fact that Miss Djaba is a card-carrying member of both the NPP and NDC in the UK. So how the NPP branch executives could make her a member of any committee is beyond us.

With this statement we are calling on the NPP UK Branch to immediately dismiss Miss Dede Djaba from the party. They must do so to send a strong signal to all that NPP will no longer tolerate any false allegation being thrown against the man that 94.34 per cent of the party has chosen as their leader ( a record in Africa) and the man that the great majority of Ghanaians are just impatient to see becoming the President who kicks out the corrupt and incompetent John Mahama out of coverage area.

Act now! Act decisively for your branch, for your party, and for Ghana, Mr Michael Ansah. We are watching….

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