Open Letter To Boniface Abubakar: Before You Become Another Sorogho


It is with great joy that, I am privileged to write to you. As one of your constituent, I  hope this will not in any way generate political ripples, taking it as a welcome development, as you receive it in a good fair.

It is of note and to be taken seriously that, Madina, for a very long time, have not had any good leaders, it was for this reason that, when you declared your intention to contest for the seat, the people saw it as a great relief.

However, as time and change tees, since you won the seat and for the first time in the history of that Constituency, the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, won as well, nothing concrete has been seen to be done to change the fortune of the people.

Your upsurge has come true because of your unparalleled decisive leadership ethos as you have reached out to build a profounding followership.

Sir, it will be proper for you to acknowledge that you are not delivering on any of your promise, except the construction of the Astroturf. And, almost one and half years, after you were sworn into Parliament, your constituents don’t see the direction you are leading them to.

Sir, reminding you of why Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, performed abysmally in the 2016 parliamentary elections, is a non issue, because it is already dead and buried.

However, despite the resolution, I think, it is worthy to remind you by writing you this open letter.

First and foremost, you have been very fortunate that, despite the Constituency been one of the strongholds of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Greater Accra region, you won the hearts and minds of the people. You were their Moses to take them to the promise land.

Unfortunately Sir, you did not put your best foot forward, as you have started on a bad note.

With all apologies to the people of Salaga, being an MP in a cosmopolitan area like, Madina, is completely different from an MP for Salaga. You do not need much to entrench yourself in Salaga, but Accra is different. Sorogho, should remind you of that.

You are among the few fortunate MPs in Accra, the people of Madina, do not need much. The problem in Madina, has always been about their roads.

The road that passes in front of your office and house and links to the market needs fixing. The rains are setting in and already the few spaces that serve as safety net, is also peeling off, making driving on that road a hellish experience.

Sir, you can’t feign ignorance about the need to do something about this road, as a newspaper, we have written about it on countless occasion, drawing the attention of your predecessor, you frequent that road too and since you also took over, we have written again, this letter, perhaps is another reminder.

Sir, I am serving notice that, we are not going to stop writing about the road, until something is done about it and soon.

Every serious MP, who was blessed with the numbers (electoral) that you had, will make that road his priority. It is one of the major roads in the Constituency. It leads to the main lorry station, as well as the market.

Sir, if you would be kind enough to let your constituents know their wrongs, then, there is need to send some notable delegations of foremost traditional rulers, as well as religious leaders, so as to pacify you with a view to coming out from this unfortunate mess.

Sir, you should also know that your constituents can no longer bear the agony they are presently experiencing.

It seems what a British political theorist, Harold Joseph Laski, said about governance has continued to manifest in Ghana. Laski, in his political theory, argued that, it is better for a country to not have a government at all rather than a government under which the people continue to suffer. I think it is high time we looked at it from the angle that, why do we have a government in power, yet the situation remains the same.

Sir, I recall that your predecessor, Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, made life inconvenient for us, but the scenario has grown worse with you, as our representative.

Sir, if you doubt what I am saying, I will advice you to take a walk in the Madina market, just to test your popularity and hear what the people will say. A good leader has no need of being feared by the people, they say.

Sir, considering the bad state of that road, one ought to have thought that you would brainstorm with the Municipal Chief Executive, Mrs. Jennifer Dede Afagbedzi, who herself is another square peg in a round hole to execute at least one project that would have a positive impact on the people.

Sir, you have to strive for the change that we desire. You know the people of Madina trust you to deliver on your promises, and I strongly believe that fixing the road from Akosombo Junction to the market, would be a great way to start your mission to move the Constituency forward.



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