Open Letter From Cures Africa To All Ministers Of Health Across Africa On The Occasion Of The 20th World Cancer Day Celebration On Monday, 4th February, 2019*

Honorable Minister,


*Cures Africa represents something truly different – a grassroots scientific effort dedicated to finding cures of African Origin for incurable diseases plaguing the world*.

As *we join other countries across the globe to celebrate* the *2019 World Cancer Day* today, and *in my capacity as Founder/President of Cures Africa*, *I want to first of all pay my tribute to your esteemed Ministry and its cancer workforce for working tirelessly to control cancer in your country*.

*Honorable Minister*, as you are aware, *cancer is a leading cause of death globally*. However, *low-income and middle-income countries like ours are harder hit by cancer than high-resourced countries*. Therefore *on an occasion like this*, *it is essential to address Africa’s growing cancer burden*.

The *theme* for this year’s celebration *I AM and I WILL*, which will run through the next three years of celebration, *is an empowering call-to- action to address the challenges of cancer and cancer patients in our respective countries*.

*Cures Africa is prepared to join your Ministry and its cancer workforce to reduce cancer risk factors*. Together, *we can overcome the barriers to early diagnosis*, *consistent treatment* and *palliative care* in your country. *We can together improve cancer control and reduce premature mortality from cancer* in your country. *Cures Africa is capable and ever ready to provide you technical support in your cancer control efforts*.

Though *great work has been done by your Ministry in diagnosing and treating cancer*,

sincerely, *the best cure for cancer is prevention*, and that is where the big issues remain, *tackling tobacco and alcohol use*, *dealing with the current obesity epidermic*, *performing better at awareness campaigns*, *providing early screening*, among others.

Honorable Minister, *the primary objective* of the *World Cancer Day* is to *rally the international community and in particular*, *your esteemed Ministry to end the injustice of preventable suffering from cancer*.

In terms of treatment, *conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy presents many side effects*, including *malnourishment*, *pain*, *fatigue*, *depression*, *anxiety*, *and other serious health conditions leading to slow recovery*, *poor quality of life*, and *premature death from cancer*.

*There is an emerging trend in cancer treatment* known as *Integrative Cancer Care*, and *I am sure the Honorable Minister knows about this*. *Integrative Cancer Care is a modern approach to cancer treatment which combines conventional treatments with complementary alternative medicine practices to help overcome and compensate for the deficiencies of chemotherapy*, *radiation*, and *surgery*.

*Although Integrative Cancer Care has been proven beyond doubt to improve the quality of life* and *life expectancy of cancer patients*, *most Ministres of Health and conventional medicine practitioners are often reticent to seek the assistance of complementary medicine professionals*, *perhaps due to lack of knowledge about the advantages of complementary alternative medicine in cancer care or due to financial handicaps*.

Honorable Minister, *cancer patients have an equal right to the best possible care that guarantees an improvement in their quality of life* and *life expectancy*. Consequently, *doubling as an advocacy organization for health promotion and chronic disease prevention and control*, *Cures Africa respectfully request that your consider establishing complementary alternative medicine departments in all cancer centers across the country*.

*Conventional medicine cannot win the fight against cancer single handedly*, *which is why both forms of medicine must come together under one roof to win the war against cancer*.

As always, *all cancer patients in your country look forward to the implementation of this noble health initiative as soon as possible for longer*, *healthier lives*.

*The time to implement the Integrative Cancer Care Programme* ( _I.C.C.P_) *is now*.



*Dr. Chris Cole* , MD

( _Founder/President – Cures Africa_)

Niamey, Niger

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