Onsy Nathan Nkrumah: Not Everyone Enjoys A Fool


From nowhere, he also appeared, claiming to be a lost son of our first President and founder, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. We accepted him because he bore some resemblance to his father. Beside human beings are the most important resource any nation can ever have, so to add him to our population, was something that was necessary for us to do.

The man who sneaked into the country to trace his roots, is trying to make his stay a triumphant one, by going the way his younger brother, Dr. Sekou Nkrumah, went when he also found his way back home.

By the way, Dr. Sekou Nkrumah has refused to recognize Onsy as a son of his father.

Before I proceed further, I will like to apologze to my readers for the use of the word ‘fool’, the context is not to insult their sensibilities, but to make a point that, where we have reached in our dispensation, we must learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The easiest and fastest way for anybody to make themselves relevant in this country was by criticizing our leaders, especially the President. Not that he is above criticism, but our criticism of the president, must be based on fact and constructive.

The idea where every Tom, Dick and Harry, who gets the opportunity to speak to the media, feel that, they must take a swing at the President, must stop.

Onsy Nkrumah, who has also expressed his interest to lead the Convention People’s Party (CPP), as its flagbearer, but failed, has found a soft target by going after the President.

Onsy is reported to have said that the President must accept that he is incompetent. He is quoted as saying, “The current president happens to be in charge of the financial of the economic management of the country since day one as the Vice President and as President, this is the eight year of his economic management and it doesn’t take much study to know that after eight years of NDC government with his economic management skill, the economy is doing worse than ever before”.

“If you fail, do you prefer to be seen or perceived to be incompetent or would you prefer to be seen as negligence? If I fail in matching a certain task I will prefer if you kind to me, I will prefer you refer to me as incompetent person, I wish the president is incompetent for his own sake because if he is incompetent that means he means well for the people of Ghana, but unable to put it off, and that is so much better than saying he doesn’t mean well, and that is much worse” he charged.

He said the kindest gift the president can give to Ghanaians is to accept that he is incompetent, adding “if he want people to look kindly on him, then he should be very grateful he is seen as incompetent because otherwise I will see him as either seriously reckless or at least negligence, and negligence is also a criminal thing, so incompetent is at least a civil thing which just simply means a failure of matching the task, so I would advise him to accept the term incompetent because it is the kindest option” .

When I first read the story, I could not believe it, because before you set out to criticize someone, you must A. have basis for it or B. have done something different than the person and C. must understand the person.

Onsy, failed to meet any of these criteria or requirement before he made those loose and unsavory comments against the President.

The word ‘incompetent’, has been used by people who do not fully appreciate the meaning. The word has been overused and bastardised by individuals to the extent that, it no longer mean anything, either than a political tool to discredit opponents.

When the President, John Dramani Mahama, said that, one should walk in his shoes in order to describe him in such uncouth manner, many Ghanaians thought he was saying; only an ex-President can criticize him. The President was right, when one considers people like Onsy, who do not even understand the dynamics of our politics.

We need a debate on issues not on attacking personalities and the President has become the target.

I am sure if Onsy, had been anywhere at all in this country, would certainly be the birth place and hometown of his father. Ghana is bigger than Accra, Kumasi and Nkroful. The fact that, he is blind to the good things the President is doing and the unprecedented developments across the length and breadth of the country, does not mean nothing is going on.

He should get out of his comfort zone and travel a little; he would have a change of mind and heart.

One doesn’t need to be mean, nasty, rude, crude, and raw, just to be heard. He can make his point without using the word incompetent, except he is not the bidding of some people.

Instead of Dr. Onsy Nkrumha to roll up his sleeves and get down working and solving the problems he has indentified, he is joining the legion of goons, who continue to churn out useless and sickening cacophonies.

Can Dr. Onsy and other congenital fools employ some rational thinking and nuggets of wisdom, instead of using reverse psychology to slice and dice the President, as if nothing is going on at all?

He must first qualify to contest to be elected as President, before labeling someone as incompetent. CPP, the party formed by his father is in tatters, the party since 1992, when we ushered in the fourth republican dispensation, have failed to garner even one percent of the votes, if he has any advice and contribution to make, he should direct his energies to make sure that, this year the party, will make his father proud in his grave, his competency is needed there, since he seems to know who is incompetent.

Anything less than that, he better pack his bag and baggage and go back to which ever hole he crawled from,
Let me sum up all that Onsy said in these few words, “The allegations are full of words, yet it conveys no iota of common sense, regarding what is on the on ground.”

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