Ongoing Project On Subin Stream


…Okumkom To Strike Unannounced

By Alhaji Bashiru Zakari

The former Mayor of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), Nana Akwasi Agyeman, has said that the lands in the Kumasi Metropolis and Ashanti in general belong to the Golden Stool of Ashanti, and he will make good his promise of pulling down stores, currently being constructed on the Subin stream opposite Dunkirk in Kumasi.

Nana Akwasi Agyemang, made this known when heat of appeals from some residents of Kumasi, to the former Mayor, to make good his promise of pulling down all unauthorized structures in the Metropolis.

“The KMA has no land. All lands in the Metropolis belong to the Golden Stool. And that I cannot keep mute to allow such lawlessness to continue with impunity knowing very well that unauthorized structure has adverse effect on the people,” he added.

Nana Agyemang (aka Okumkom), a Royal of the Golden Stool, and the longest serving Mayor in the country (23 years), he served eight regimes since 1977, apparently angered by the said project, which by then was in its early stages said, there was no way he would allow the project to continue and promised them he was going to demolish the structure if the developer did not stop.

The structure is situated right on the Subin stream ,which is a water way. Its existence now makes the place and its entire surrounding areas, particularly the Central Market, very prone to flooding, whenever there is any heavy downpour.

When The Herald spoke to Okumkom on phone about the concerns raised by some residents, the former KMA Boss said that he is going to strike unannounced anytime soon.

Okumkom said, Subin as a river had its sources, and assured the concern residents that the machines for the exercise are ready.

The residents are also unhappy about the immediate past KMA Boss, Mr. Samuel Sarpong’s inability to fix problems that bedeviled the city of Kumasi, before his elevation to the higher office as Regional Minister.

They cited his total failure to address the creeping and total lawlessness that have retarded the smooth progress in Kumasi.
Currently the new Mayor, Mr. Kojo Bonsu, is engage in serious conflict with the Presiding Member (PM), Nana Kofi Senyah and the Assembly members, over his initiatives.

A survey carried over a period of three months by this paper, has conclusively revealed that the generality of Kumasi see the current Mayor, as hugely incompetent.

Members of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), have reportedly kicked against any initiatives tabled at the Assembly meetings.
The initiatives including a proposed procurement and installation of closed- Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras within the Central Business District of Kumasi and known flashpoints.

The assembly members kicked against the Mayor’s initiative, saying the procurement of the CCTV cameras, which is estimated to cost the Assembly GH¢200,000 was not a priority for the Metropolis.

The Members further bemoaned a proposed budget of GH¢100, 00 for a tree planting exercise and the proposed construction of a fence wall around the Old-Tafo Public cemetery by the KMA at a cost of GH¢200,000, which they want the various proposed projects budgetary to be channeled to more human-centered development projects in the Metropolis, without which they would reject and resist the imposition of the budget on the Assembly.

“Approving such a budget would be the greatest disservice ever to be handed to the residents,” bemoaned an Assembly Member.
They called for various basic needs like, Sanitation, Street Lighting to be provided at the various electoral areas, good drinking water, good roads in the Metropolis.

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