One Year On And Emmanuel Kyeremanteg Agyarko Is Still A Villager


One of the most recognizable symptoms of clinical delusion is usually an obsession with inanities, a bizarre sign board that has been erected after Okponglo, should be enough to so classify Emmanuel Kyeremanteng Agyarko.

History reminds us that material things are perishable. Only fondness rooted in public memory is eternal.

The role of Members Of Parliament (MPs) all over the world has been traditionally seen within the basic context of: enacting of laws, passing bills, approving loans and lobbying for development for their constituents.

The Member of Parliament Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency, has decided to engage in the most ludicrous venture of erecting a build board titled “One Year On”

He would have done himself and his constituents a lot of good, if on that billboard, he highlighted what he has done to change their lives, one year on.

Every penny the MP, decides to spend must be geared towards lifting the lives of his constituents, the wasteful spree, which is only aimed at singing his own horn and that of the government, must not be encouraged.

He is one of the few lucky MPs that, we have in the country, the areas that fall under his jurisdiction, need little convincing, and so for him, he has little to do.

His Constituency, is inhabited mostly by people who fall within the middle and the upper class, these groups of people, prefer to do things on their own, rather than depend on the government. The roads in the Constituency, are not as bad as pertains in other Constituencies. The number of people, who will line up in front of his house every morning for help to pay school fees, organize outdoorings, marriage, etc, will be nowhere compared to what, happens in other Constituencies.

This latest idle fancy of erecting a billboard just to remind people that, one year, since his party, won power, was a wasteful expedition.

As an MP, whose party is in power, the handsome Boakye Agyarko Emmanuel, has become arrogant beyond measure, why? We did not see him erecting billboards in times past. Opposition was hell for him to even contemplate such an idea, now his party is power, he has money to waste.

The MP has done nothing ‘great’ worth talking about. Rather, what we are saddled with is a bill board, which has the potential of causing an accident.

A politician, who does not think deep is the one who will be competing with everyday product for space.

The MP, is now a rock star, a new kid on the block, a new artist, who has been signed on by Zylofon Media.

We have to be serious in this country for once, I am sure he is a well travelled man, which sane country, will have a Congressman or Senator, erect a billboard just to tell people what they already know.

A billboard, can be erected if it is to educate and inform, sometimes it is used to welcome visitors, introducing to the uniqueness of a particular place, but not for fan.

Emmanuel Kyeremanteg Agyarko has since expanded the frontiers of his vision for the people of Ayawaso Wuogon, with his understanding of what they need.

If leadership is all about bamboozling the led and fooling them or replicating the clownish tendencies of Lil-Win and Agya Koo, then Emmanuel Kyeremanteg Agyarko, would have come up tops among his peers! Alas it is a serious business involving great ideas and concrete achievements.

This is the first time, he has embarked on such a venture, I hope it will be the last. It is not too late to tell the people, you are sorry, by pulling down the billboard.

It does not add anything to the lives of his constituencies, who are expecting little from him. His thinking and actions, could be informed by the little that his constituents demand from him.

What is the state of street lights in the constituency, every place in the constituency is pitch black and the MP, does not care about that. He does not care about unavailability of running water; all he cares about it is, having his picture on a billboard.

Thanking the people for voting for you, is something you do immediately after the aftermath of an election, you do not wait a year on to thank them, when they expect you to get to the serious business of improving livelihood.

In 2018, and we still have a legislator, who thinks like we are in 1960, we need to get serious and not become subject of mockery. The opportunity to serve is a calling that, must be felt by the people, we seek to govern,

The MP for Ayawaso West Wuogon, should travel across the 275 constituencies and come and tell his constituents, how many of his colleagues, had done what he did.

Is it that, he has so much money to waste, such that, he can spare some money for unproductive venture or he is on a mission to catch the president’s eye for a possible appointment?

The likes of Emmanuel Kyeremanteg Agyarko, will continue to mock us all. The joke is on us. What is clear is that totally clueless persons will continue to govern as long as informed people fail to register to vote and continue to stay home to read newspapers or browse the internet to find out who has won on Election Day, rather than go out to cast their vote.

The constituents of Ayawaso West Wugo, must now ask themselves: Do they deserve better or is this their destiny?


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