One Year Of Better Ghana Achievements



The Ga-South Municipal Assembly, spearheaded by Mr. Jerry Nii Akwei Thompson and his Municipal Coordinating Director, Emmanuel Abuanor Nortey, seems to be in the lead in terms of advancing the National Democratic Party (NDC) much touted Better Ghana Agenda developmental policies and projects it had promised Ghanaians.

This was manifested based on the one and half years of effective administration of the Assembly, since the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) took over the tenure of office in May 2012.

As probity and accountability demand, authorities have been explaining what it had done with the revenues collected from the residents in the municipality.

The Herald’s Development Platform has established that, the massive achievements and initiatives the Assembly had chalked were through revenues derived from District Development Fund (DDF), the Urban Development Fund (UDF) and the Internally Generated Fund (IGF).

About GH¢20 million was invested by the Assembly into various development projects within the municipality, such as removing schools under trees, construction of teachers quarters, construction of footbridges, building of police stations, clearing of landfill sites and providing resources to schools within the municipality.

This paper gathered that about 21classroom blocks have been completed with 12 ongoing in various schools, whilst 67 schools in the Municipality are placed under the School Feeding Programme.

In the health sector, two CHPS Compounds and one Health Centre have been built, whiles two Health Centres are currently ongoing. About 140 boreholes are completed, while 44 are in progress. Additionally, a total of three 20 Seater Water Closets (WC’s), one 12 Seater Pour Flush Toilet, 12 institutional latrines KVIPs have been built whilst 44 boreholes are four KVIPs ongoing.

In the roads, bridges and drainage division, 48.5KM Foot Bridge, 24 Kilometer feed roads at various locations in the municipality have been constructed, as well as, clearing of some dreaded landfill sites.

About 1,504 youth have also been placed under various modules of the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA). Other interventions made by the Assembly include, disbursement of funds to a number of communities under LESDEP.

Speaking with The Herald’s Development Platform, the MCE said that the journey so far from has not been easy, but with the collaborative efforts between the Assembly and the residents, the Assembly will excel.

Mr. Akwei Thompson, indicated that he was poised to work harder, devoid of personal interest in ensuring each and every community develop and benefits from the Assembly’s programmes. He said, “am into office to serve, and I will serve my people with clarity and accountability”.

Moving forward, he said, “water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as, health care delivery is another area of focus for the Assembly” under his watch and therefore, determined to work to improve it before his term of office expired

He thanked the entire employees of the Assembly for their “cooperation and teamwork, dedication, commitment and patient” through some difficult moments assuring that “there is still more work to do and a long way to go” to relief and meet the needs of people in the area.

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