One Person Can Buy 275 Buses And The Country Can Boast Of Only 55 Ambulances


Ghana has been on autopilot, since the February 24, 1966 coup that ousted our first president and founder, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Every infrastructure or policy that has stood the test of time was initiated or constructed in the first republic.

Leaders, who came after Dr. Nkrumah, only came to further their lot, at the expense of ordinary Ghanaians.

The Fourth republic, which was seen as the last hope for Ghanaians, who have become fatigued with military interventions, has unfortunately become their nightmare.

The abuse of power has become apparent because of the winner take all politics, with little accountability.

Our current crop of politicians, have no sense of history, because the things they will oppose and criticize, while in opposition, they will repeat with ease when in power.

A country of 25 million plus people, and we can only boast of 55 functioning ambulances, and yet we have 110 ministers, driving 4*4 vehicles.

The chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddie Blay, who before the 2016 elections, could not afford a pick up for the party, has been able to raise a facility at the bank to import 275 buses for constituencies across the country.

This is a party, which once upon a time, could not pay for a loan it contracted from the Prudential Bank, is able 18 months into office to raise 11 million dollars for buses.

People are calling for legislation to check political party funding. In the opinion of this paper, statutes are not all that are required in the fight against any form of societal dysfunction. If the political will is not sufficiently strong, it will yet be another legislation in the books

The perceived challenge in implementing the law, if eventually enacted, is that the political class are part of the problem and may resist or out rightly sabotage it

Patriotic Ghanaians, should invoke the jurisdiction of state institutions, including going to the court if necessary, in order to get to the bottom of malady.
Freddie Blay, should show the government his business model, as they need it to help augment the number of ambulances we have in the country.




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