‘One Man’ Energy Bank In Deep Crisis


Top Ghanaian Woman Resigns, Nigerians Afraid Dirty Kangaroo Banking Tactics In Ghana Will Leak

The Herald sources in Nigeria, have revealed a crisis situation in the Nigerian-owned Energy Bank Ghana Limited with the resignation of one of its top officer, Ophelia Attobrah, about a fortnight ago. The high-profile resignation is said to have thrown Nigerian officials of the bank into a state of panic; that certain dirty secrets might be made public soon.

Ophelia Attobrah’s resignation, follows disagreement with the “one man” owner of the Energy Bank, Jimoh Ibrahim, who is alleged to have boasted in his home-country that he got his banking license, through the instrumentality of the late President of Ghana, Prof. Attah Mills, whose election he allegedly, co-funded with US$1 million.

However, the incumbent President of Ghana, John Mahama is said not to be so disposed to Ibrahim’s “excesses and kangaroo banking tactics”. But the regulators; Bank of Ghana (BoG), it was leant, had not wielded the big stick, because Ms. Attobrah was the go-between.

The Herald, has been following the activities of the Energy Bank, a subsidiary of the Global Fleet Group, the conglomerate owned by Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim, a Nigerian billionaire, politician and self-acclaimed corporate surgeon, for well over a year, and has dag up very interesting findings here in Ghana, Nigeria, London and Sao Tome &Principe.

Our insiders, revealed that the conglomerate is currently swimming in crisis, having been hit by a windstorm of resignation that has resulted in five of the female Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), including Ophelia Attobrah, leaving the group.

According to Nigerian media report by Segun Adebowale and published on August 18, this year, “the relationship between Ibrahim and the 52-year-old, London-trained banker, had gone sour in June, when Attobrah joined her boss at Oxford University in the United Kingdom (UK) for a sandwich course in management.

An Executive Director of Jimoh Ibrahim’s Energy Bank in Ghana, Ophelia Attobrah, has resigned.

This has thrown the bank into crisis, The Eagle Online was told.

Attobrah, it was learnt, resigned when she got wind of the fact that Ibrahim might send her on a spurious long course, just to deal with her.

At the programme, she allegedly introduced Ibrahim as her colleague, instead of her boss, a development sources told The Eagle Online infuriated him.

The two left the UK with silent hostility, it was learnt. But as a Ghanaian and the powerhouse in Energy Bank, Ghana, she knew she could neither be sacked nor suspended on flimsy grounds.

The Eagle Online, was told that Attobrah had always shielded the bank from the prying eyes of regulators who had long suspected that it had compliance issues. Ibrahim reportedly got the bank’s license through late President of Ghana, Prof. Attah Mills, whose election he co-funded with $1 million, The Eagle Online learnt on good authority.

However, the incumbent President of Ghana, John Mahama is said not to be so disposed to Ibrahim’s “excesses and kangaroo banking tactics”. But the regulators (Bank of Ghana), it was leant, had not wielded the big stick because Attobrah was the go-between.

However, the Ghanaian lady, had to resign after a Nigerian lady by name Quinette, who hitherto was the CEO of Ibrahim’s Energy Investments in Accra, Ghana, was redeployed to the bank as Executive Director of Operations. Quinette, herself has also had interesting banking engagement in Nigerian.

That was said to have happened at about the same time Ibrahim instructed the Managing Director of Energy Bank, Sam Ayininuola, to recommend Attobrah for an extended course abroad.

Attobrah, not being on good terms with Ayininuola, knew the game was to send her on a wild goose chase and make her redundant. She therefore, tendered her resignation.

The end of Attobrah’s three-year reign at Energy Bank, came as a shock to staff in the group, who considered her as powerful and untouchable due to her closeness to Ibrahim.

Sources said, she was behind the disgraceful 2012 sack of Isaac Monehin, Ibrahim’s childhood friend, who was an Executive Director.
It was learnt that Monehin, was considered by Ibrahim to return to the bank, after Attobrah’s Oxford University faux pas infuriated him, but he had to back down on the thought due to the impression that his reinstatement might create in the minds of Ghanaian bank regulators and the media.

The resignation of Attobrah, was said to have created panic in the establishment as there is the fear that regulators may now be unleashed on the bank.

This has also led to a crisis of confidence, not just among the staff, but also the banking public.

Kafilat Ogbara, Seun Adebayo and Ibilola, all Executives of the Nigerian conglomerate have resigned.

More to come!

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