Offloading Daily Guide’s Nuisance


I have read with great interest the Daily Guide’S editorial of Friday, May 2, 2014 with the title “Offloading A Nuisance” as well as other articles and comments concerning the removal of the National Security Coordinator, Lt. Col. Larry Gbevlo Lartey from office.

My zeal won’t let me turn deaf ears to this senseless and baseless editorial. I am so much pained by the description given to a great son of the land, who has served this country in various capacities, until his recent job.

The human being is the only creature capable of empathizing with another human, without himself or herself being directly affected by the condition that affects the other. This is the one characteristic that sets us apart from other animals; this is what makes us humans, what gives us that distinct identity, not some flashy car, trophy wives, fat bank accounts, or which political party we belong. Unfortunately cheap politics has eaten that away.

It is a doctrine that human actions should be guided by the depth of one’s conscience, unfortunately the kind of journalism that some media houses engage in, leaves much to be desired.

Daily Guide is noted for engaging in gutter journalism, but the depth of their folly, I never knew and thought would be this deep.

I am not surprised by the content of the editorial, I am only disappointed because I thought, we are all growing.

The beauty of democracy and freedom of speech is that we agree to disagree. We must at all times engage in constructive and objective criticism of political figures that we disagree with, but this latest epistle from Daily Guide, will not go unnoticed and I will take up the crusade of letting them know that after conceding in that editorial that it was the prerogative of the President to hire and fire, they have no right to draw the conclusions they came to on the tenure of office of Larry Gbevlo Lartey and why they in their infantile and distorted minds thought he was replaced, by another capable hand Yaw Donkor.

When the owner of Western Publications, publishers of The Daily Guide, the Elembele Mugabe, Freddy Blay, was voted out of Parliament by his Constituents, who felt his presence in Parliament was a waste of their votes and tax payers’ money, nobody described him in such unprintable and uncouth words.

Today, he (Freddy Blay), had abandon the vehicle that brought him to Parliament to join the New Patriotic Party (NPP). He has even been rewarded by his election at the just ended National Conference that took place in the Northern Regional capital, Tamale, as the First Vice Chairman. Nobody called him a political prostitute and an opportunist, yet we all know who he is and why he jumped ship, when he realize the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), will not give him what he wants.

If you doubt me, please read along, this is what the paper wrote about Lt. Col. Larry Gbevlo-Lartey, “Although the maintenance or otherwise of the national security council remains the prerogative of the President, the old order appeared to have witnessed diminishing returns and was beginning to even incense the citizenry each time Gbevlo-Lartey’s name made the newspapers and they always did”.

“He was the face of the National Security Council— a reality which did not help the image of the organization a bit throughout his tenure”.

These are but a few quotes from the editorial, which sought to denigrate and ridicule everything Gbevlo had done for this country. I did not want to glorify the garbage the paper wrote, so permit if I did not repeat all that they wrote. I do not have the space, nor the patience for the vile words, coming from a respectable media House, like Daily Guide.

The editorial was dominated by emotional arguments that were bereft of factual and scholarly analysis, how can a newspaper rejoice in the downfall of a true Ghanaian, who has given his time and energy to the services of his motherland.

The intense debate and heat generated among Ghanaians by his replacement is noteworthy. The debate thus far, has failed in substance and style especially among Gbevlo’s traducers, to provide concrete evidence as to the fact that he was a failure as the National Security Co-ordinator.

All his time at the Blue Gate is being judged by that singular, exemplary and bravery action, he took to pull down an illegal toll booth mounted at the Okponglo entrance of Legon.

For starters, he is an Alumnus of the University of Ghana and so he will not do anything to disturb the smooth running of the school. Secondly, when he took that action, he was the Security Capo, today he is not, if it was for the convenience of his office, he will have allowed the perpetuation of that illegality, but he did it for you and me and those guys at The Daily Guide, who are singing Hosanna over his removal.

He can certainly not be perfect, but when it comes to his country, he has always put his life at the service of the nation.

Daily Guide, cannot determine for him, how he should behave, his administrative style, will be different from his predecessors, they was no straight jacket behavior for national security co-coordinators.

This is a man, who was haunted during the eight years era of President, John Agyekum Kufuor, for his association with former President Jerry John Rawlings. His crime was by association and was guilty as charged, yet when he had the security apparatus at his disposal; he did not go after those, who made life unbearable for him and his family in the past.

What he did instead, was to redefine the role of the national security in modern context and that is by introducing what he termed human security. After the cold war, the next war governments all over the world turned their guns on was fighting poverty and the provision of social infrastructure.

Not too long ago, the world witness what came to be known as the Arab Spring, where citizens took to the street to demand the resignation of their leaders, due to the hardships they were experiencing. Lt. Col. Larry Gbevlo Lartey, did not want that in this country and so he took it upon himself to complement the work of Government agencies tasked with the provision of social amenities, like the provision of water, where Secondary Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, Communities and tertiary Institutions, including the University of Ghana (UG) were provided with portable water.

What research did Daily Guide conduct to come to the conclusion that Ghanaians have had enough of him?

Today, he is a villain, because the President felt he had served his due and needed to step aside for a new face. I salute Lt. Col. Larry Gbevlo-Lartey, Your story is yet to be told.

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