Nzema Youth Chase Awulae Annor Adjei


Dares Him To Change Nationality

A youth group from the Western Region, have dared Awulae Annor Adjei of the Western Nzema Traditional Area, to change his nationality and possibly move to Ghana’s neighbours in the west, La Cote d’ Ivoire, if he feels the kitchen is too hot for him.

“We would like to make it absolutely clear to Awulae that if he intends changing his citizenship, the rules and regulations are very clear. He is at liberty to migrate to La Côte d’ Ivoire and become a citizen, but the people of Nzema are proud Ghanaians and will stand for Ghana always.

We are very much aware and the records are clear, the entire Nzemaland is a Ghanaian territory and it shall remain as such till Thy Kingdom come”, the youth have said in a statement copied to The Herald yesterday.

The group, “Concerned Nzema Youth” is peeved over a recent comment by the renowned chief, who is purported to have encouraged Ghanaians to embark on a Tahir Square-like protest against the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government led by John Mahama over the unending power crises which has engulfed the nation.

On a platform offered by the now dismembered political group Ocuppyghana in the region’s capital Takoradi, the chief, was said to have instigated the affluent meddle class group to hit the streets non-stop without food for months against the government to demand the basic necessities of life which includes stable power for all.

“Again, his call on the youth to stay on the streets smacks of hypocrisy at its highest peak. At least government has come out boldly to acknowledge the challenges in the power sector and has therefore outlined the measures being taken to salvage the situation both in the short and the long terms.

As an experienced chief, we believe he is better placed to understand that the chieftaincy institution is an embodiment of peace and development.
Awulae should, therefore, recognize that inciting the youth to be on the streets for months and even years will not add a single megawatt to Ghana’s generation capacity, but would rather bring about chaos and anarchy, which are counterproductive and do not bring development. ”, they explained.

The statement was sent by the Spokesperson of the Concerned Nzema Youth, Kwame Essuman Adu, who gave his Contact as: 0543348121.
According to the group, it was unfortunate for the under fire chief to arrogate powers he does not have to himself and pretend as though, he has the blessing of the entire people of Nzemaland when in fact, he speaks only for himself.

They recalled how the same chief sometime ago, hit the front pages threatening that they would relocate to La Cote d’ Ivoire, if the chiefs in the Western Region are not given the promised 10 percent oil revenue promised by the NDC government.

“This readily brings to mind his earlier threat to government that the people of Western Nzema, will declare their allegiance to Côte d’ Ivoire should the government fail to grant the request by the Western Regional House of Chiefs demanding ten percent (10%) of Ghana’s oil and gas revenue dedicated to the development of the Western Region.

In the latter instance, Awulae, behaved as if he had the mandate of the people of Nzema to speak the way he did.

The timing of his message, also reveals the diabolical intentions with which he issued the threat, knowing very well that Côte d’ Ivoire was then laying claim to the area where Ghana has made a lot of investments so far as the development of the Tweneboa, Enyenra and Ntome (TEN) oil fields were concerned”, the group said.

In conclusion, the youth urged, Awulae Annor Adjei, to instead of attacking government unnecessarily involve his subjects in how the wealth paid to him in the form of royalties are disbursed and utilized before poking his nose into utterances that have the potential to bring about anarchy.

“We believe Awulae Annor Adjei, would have done a great service to himself and the youth of Nzemaland, if he had first involved the youth in his area in decisions relating to how Royalties accruing to the land, which he holds in trust for, and on behalf of the people, are disbursed and utilized, before accusing the government for marginalizing and ignoring the youth so far as governance of the country is concerned”.

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