Nyantakyi’s Apology and Resignation Too Little Too Late

Only a strong man, a man of conviction, will accept he has erred and apologise for it, and for this, I want to commend Kwesi Nyantakyi, for listening to the many voices that called for his resignation.

His resignation, although commendable, came at a time, when it had become obvious that, he had no choice.

The tide against him is so strong that, anytime attempt to resist it, would have been disastrous. Ghanaians, are very forgiving and considerate people, they might bay for your light, but in that shout for crucify him, is compassion.

When the president of the republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, watched the video and reported Kwesi Nyantakyi to the Ghana Police.

Nyantakyi who was out of the jurisdiction, had a unique opportunity to turn things in his favour. He should have realized that, the president, wouldn’t have involved the police, if the matter was not that serious, so when he touched down, his first order of business, was to have resign his post.

His intransigence, which is typical of all of us, who always like to play wait and see, is what has led to the government, announcing its intention to dissolve the whole Ghana Football Association (GFA).

The president of the republic has invoked his executive powers, Kwesi Nyantakyi resigned after the decision was taken to dissolve the Association, so technically, at the time, he was resigning, there was no association.

We were informed in his statement that, he arrived at the decision, after a meeting of the Executive Committee of the GFA, this is a story fit for the marines, where did they meet and who and who were present?

Pride, it is said, comes before fall. Nyantakyi, was managing the GFA, like his personal property. We all knew this day, will come. All men consume with power, at some point will fall. However, it is when, where, why and how they fall that determines, how history will remember them.

Leaders must begin to understand that, they serve at the pleasure of the people.  History has thought us that, the day of reckoning always comes. We will account for our stewardship and be judged accordingly.

Power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely, indeed, if not, I do not understand why, people, when they get to the top, easily forget that, they once was someone there, before you and that, whether you like it or not, a time will come for you to also vacate the place.

Even death as they say, answers all, so you could die, before your tenure runs out. Our elders, have a saying that, if you do not know death, watch sleep. Corruption has eaten into the fabric of our society.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to fight it, so maybe it is about time, we find a way of maximizing it to benefit the society.

What we all watched at the GFA, is just a tip of the ice berg, every facet of society is corrupt. We are talking about GFA, because it is their dirty linen that is in the public domain.

Anas Armeyaw Anas, and his Tiger Eye PI, have investigated the Ghana Ports and Habours Authourity (GPHA), they have done undercover work at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authourity (DVLA) COCOBOD, just to mention a few.

Let him revisit the above mentioned places and the horror, will be more than, when he first went there.

We are corrupt by nature, we thrive on corruption, we all leave above our means and the only we can sustain it, is by exploiting each other.

Everyone tries to find a loophole at their work place and exploit. I had a personal experience, when I went to the passport office to apply for a passport.

There were portions that, had to be endorsed by some agencies, after getting all the endorsement, I was left with the national security. I spent three hours waiting, whiles their office was locked.

A long queue, had formed out their office and yet they were nowhere to be found. A good Samaritan, pulled me out of the queue, took my form, went and had it endorsed, when he brought it back, I asked him, where they were, his answer shocked me to the marrow, he said, they were hiding somewhere.

We always create a situation of need and take advantage of, how many people delay signing a document, because they want to be seen. When they is crisis, people will naturally, look for a way out and that is how we have run the country, since Independence.

The GFA, as we know it will cease to exist, we will reconstitute it, with new people, five, ten years down the line, we will be back to where we started from.

This country, is the only country, where things change, but remain the same. We will talk, curse, say, never again, but for as long as Kwesi Nyantakyi is not from Mars, we have him in all of us.

Those who shouting the loudest might be worse than him, those who are saying crucify him, are themselves, guilty of whatever offense, we are accusing him of.








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