NUGS Overpowers, Invisible Forces, Rented Police & Others


A grand scheme by operatives of the National Security and members of the governing New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) notorious group; Invisible Forces, the Police and the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) to scuttle, an election by the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), was fiercely resisted by the students, The Herald has gathered.

The two groups, according to sources, had for reasons known to them, jointly stormed the venue of the programme, the Vice Chancellor’s Conference Hall of University Of Professional Studies – Accra (UPSA), to stop the election of new executives to steer the affairs of the Union for the next one year.

But knowing the havoc the groups, especially the Invisible Forces, have caused the people of Ghana over the last 10 months, the students unanimously stood their grounds and ensured that, they left the premises without achieving their aim.

According to a very reliable source who witnessed the near disruption on Wednesday, the students had everything going, as far as the election of the executives were concerned, then from nowhere, they saw police vehicle loaded with armed officers, storming the premises of the elections and demanding that every activity be brought to an abrupt end.

The source said, when the police were questioned why; they claimed that they were instructed by the regional commander, to carry out the order, because the students had no permission to organize the election on that fateful day.

The students, who faulted the argument from the men in union form, also insisted they had their own internal security and so they were unable to allow the directive to be effected.

“Yesterday morning around 9-10, there was this vehicle loaded with police men armed, went to the venue that they should stop the congress and that the regional commander had authorized them to come and stop the congress.

They said the regional commander said nobody has served them notice that there is a congress going to take place and that the Legon police too, wasn’t aware”, the source told this paper.

After their plan to disrupt the election failed, the armed men turned their frustration and disappointment on a journalist they suspected recorded their confrontation with the students.  The eyewitness said, one of the police angrily said, he was arresting the journalist for recording them.

The students, who were very alert and prepared for the officers, quickly said they weren’t going to allow that to happen.

Then, “the rest of the officers alighted from their vehicle, cocked their guns and all that and you know students and how they behave, so it became a confrontation between them and the police, and the police moved their car and left”.

Just when the students thought they had curtailed the situation and so could go ahead with their planned election, another vehicle this time white pickup loaded with National Security, Police, Bureau of National Security (BNI) and Invisible Forces operatives, arrived at the venue again ostensibly to foil the election.

“Immediately they left, there was another vehicle, white pickup loaded with police and others dressed in their known uniform and suit said they were members of Invisible Forces, BNI and National Security, and that they were coming to halt the process but the students against resisted them. The students chanted, made noise and pushed their vehicle from where they had parked and so they finally left”

The election from that moment got underway and after voting and counting were done, Frank Amoakohene, a medical student, emerged the president at the 51st Congress, while Kabu Nartey beat competition from others to become the General Secretary.

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