Nude Photo: I Was Promoting Ghanaian Tourism – Wanlov


Source: Hitz FM

Controversial musician, Wanlov the Kubolor, born Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu, has given a detailed explanation as to why he posted a nude photograph of himself on social media Tuesday.

The controversial musician put social media into a frenzy by posting a nude picture of his on Instagram.

According to him, he went naked as a result of how hot he felt while climbing a mountain situated at the Wli Falls.

The musician, who referred to his manhood as a ‘baby sausage’, stated that posting the picture was his way of promoting tourist sites in Ghana and believes that it has achieved its purpose.

Wanlov explained in an interview with Hitz @ 1 that “Yes, I wanted the people of Ghana to see the nice tourist attraction. Oh yes. I’m sure it has.
I posted the picture yesterday and today somebody wants to come from Germany to go to the waterfalls so I’m promoting tourism.”

“They want to go there because the water falls is nice to take pictures there and not because of me so I’m doing Ghana tourism council’s work,” he added.

He went on to describe the various ways in which he promotes tourism in Ghana and added how unbothered he feels about the nude picture.

“I have many styles of promoting tourism. Through my music, through my video clips, pictures so that’s just one of them and it was even by the way. For me, nakedness doesn’t bother me at all. It’s just a new so-called standard we haven’t always been so conscious of.

“It’s the Europeans that felt inadequate when they got here seeing Africans walking around naked. This felt inadequate so they designed a way to tell us that our nakedness was a sin because they couldn’t go naked as well,” he explained.

When asked if he felt he has broken any law according to the norms and constitution of the country, he said he doesn’t believe nakedness is against the law adding he is sometimes a ‘mad’ man.

“Oh, it’s not a pornographic picture. I know pornography is against the law but being naked is not against the law if it was against the law, mad people won’t be walking around naked,” he said.

The musician also explained why he doesn’t feel obliged to teach any morals and emphasising his act wasn’t aimed at drawing attention to himself.
Wanlov plans on doing something big to reclaim his record from fellow musician Wisa Greid who was also alleged to have a history of going semi-nude
on stage during a live concert.

“Oh, I didn’t come to this planet to teach anybody morals. The so-called people teaching morals are more thieves and more crook than I am so I’m not here to pretend to be teaching anybody any lesson I was just standing there naked.

“I’ve planned to do something before the year is over to take back my record from Wisa but this is not it this is just awarm-up,” he said.
This is not the first-time images of Wanlov’s nakedness has hit the media landscape.

He grabbed media attention when he was being interviewed by Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay show and she dared him to prove that he goes about his daily activities without any underwear.

Wanlov and his group mate, M3nsa went completely naked in a photograph of them at an outdoor sauna in Finland.

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