NPP’S Leaders Hallmark: Arrogance Weds Ignorance


I have had cause in recent past to ask myself, why does the New Patriotic Party (NPP), gleefully elect people of questionable character to lead them, either as Presidential candidates, party executives or Members of Parliament (MPs).

The question naturally begs a larger question: how can a political party, so desirous and determined to rule this country, possibly allow onto the national stage men of transparent inferior intellect and common reasoning?

The easy answer is, there has always been a long pathetic history of electing people who have not contributed meaningfully to the national discourse.

The NPP, has rolled out the greatest assortments of know-nothings in its history, most of whom believe that ones they can do one thing well, especially excel in
business, they can handle public office, Kennedy Agyapong and Chairman Wontumi, are typical example.

The party recognized this rather too late, when it went to Tamale to elect officers to steer the party’s affairs into the 2016 elections, but unfortunately another unfortunate harm have been done to the nation, before that National Delegates Congress, whereas on the national stage, the party was doing away with a dimwit like Kwawdo Owusu Afriyie alias Sir John, the Ashanti Region, had imposed on our national conscience a rube as a Regional Chairman.

Chairman Wontum, as he is affectionately called, has been added to the long list of absurdities to happen to this country, for now he is topping the list with Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central. These two individuals, week in and week out make a mockery of our very existence as a nation.

Reason suggest that when a clear headed adult, with no experience in national politics, decides that he or she wants to run for office, either from the Constituency, Region or National level, his or her reasonable adults comrades, should be able to tell him or her, it is a serious business reserved for serious people, after all you need advance degree to practice Law, medicine, teaching, accounting, etc, so why would we expect our leaders at whatever level to have anything less than precise qualifications and experience for such an elevated job.

It is only in the NPP that training or qualification is not required to perform a task that is not only more complicated but demanding, than the above four and others, but one which regulates the above occupations and all sort of complex and nuanced occupations.

What qualification has Kenedy Agypong and Chairman Wontumi, Regional Chairman of the largest opposition party and Kennedy Agyapong, a Legislator, enacting laws for us and the unborn generation?

When Sir John and Jake Otanka Obestebi Lamptey, gave way for fresh limps, many thought that the days of brazen politics was over, we were all wrong as entered Chairman Wontumi, who is fast gaining notoriety for foul language and violent behavior.

Sir John was only noted for foul and unguarded language, but Chairman Wontumi, has taken it to a different level.

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC), Dr. Kwawdo Afari Gyan, is the most patriotic citizen this country can ever boast of, he has superintendent over elections that have seen the two largest political parties emerge victorious, at every turn he is accused of favouring one political party.

This man despite all the insults he has received has never for once attacked anybody either verbally or physically; he has only remained resolute and discharged his duties without fear or favour.

Chairman Wontumi, who have no manners and respect for authority, because he is the regional chairman of NPP, a political party that hides behind being the bastions of democracy to perpetuate violence, decided to attack this innocent man.

Chairman Wontumi, should know that the cane that is used on Baah, will equally be used on Takyi, as our elders say.

The NPP, do not have the absolute and inalienable right to rule this country, we all have the right to it, but all depends on Ghanaians and in 2008 and 2012, they exercised their franchise and decided that the National Democratic Congress (NDC), should steer the affairs of the nation and so what, must the world come to an end.

Two terms of NDC, does not mean we stop practicing democracy or we cease to exist as a nation, if he cares to know 2016, will be a waterloo for President John Dramani Mahama, he can go and burn the sea or commit suicide.

Such an apology, a villager and an educated illiterate only the NPP could impose such a dumb on us.

In an empirical validation of the ant-intellectual streak in the NPP, Kennedy Agyapong, who have been elected to represent his Constituents, have turned himself into a ranting and uncultured brat, insulting everybody and throwing tantrums at people for daring to point to him that he is wrong?

Kennedy Agyapng has turned himself into a friend to all the drug barons in this country, but wants us all to believe that he is oblivious of what they do. I do not have the slightest prove that he deals in the illicit drug and so I will not allege what I can’t prove, except to say I am amazed by the caliber of friends he keep.

Nayele Ametefe or Ruby Adu, was arrested in the United Kingdom for transporting 12.5 kilogram of cocaine, the lady had pleaded guilty to the crime, yet Kennedy Agyapong, want us to believe that, because she is supposedly dating some people, they are complicit in the act.

First of all, the August House, is debating the 2015 budget presented by the Finance Minister, Seth Terkper a fortnight ago, Kennedy’s input is more needed in the House than his radio appearances, claiming what he does not know.

How can a Legislator not know that when the lady was arrested, she was travelling on her Austrian Passport, so either through conduct or affirmation, she is a citizen of Austria and not Ghana.

Again, if by association we can simply conclude that one is guilty, then Kennedy Agyapong is guilty in all respect.

His sister, Betty Agyapong and her hubby, Sheriff (Asem Dake) have been involved in illicit drugs, yet nobody has pointed accusing fingers at him.
Some politicians need to grow up; we cannot continue to be telling them that, they need to behave themselves.

Political power is not a matter of life and death.

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