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Mustapha Hamid’s Midnight Rents, Chop Money, Home Support, Medical Bills From Mahama Family Coming Soon

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Northern Regional Chairman, Daniel Bugri Naabu, is running away from questions with respect to his party’s claim that, President John Mahama and his brother, Ibrahim Mahama, attempted bribing him with two cars and a cash amount of GH¢500,000.

“It is true, I think they’ve shown you the car, I believe they didn’t just call the press conference, so, there’s no doubt about that but you can call later. Thank you,” the main opposition NPP’s Northern regional chairman told Accra-based Atinka FM on Wednesday, 30 November.

But it appears Tuesday, November 29, 2016, will pass in the life of the spokesperson of Nana Akufo-Addo, Mustapha Hamid as his Black Tuesday. This was the day he badly miscalculated his political steps and landed in a ditch of mistrust.

It has emerged that, Frank Nuhu Alormasor, who Mustapha Hamid, had mentioned as a director of Marlin Investments Company; the importers of sleek Mitsubishi Pajero 4X4 car, allegedly handed over to Daniel Bugri Naabu, as a bribe to smear Akufo-Addo, the NPP flagbearer, are well known to each other.

The Herald, is informed that, Akufo-Addo’s spokesperson, regularly meets up with Frank, popularly called “Alor” to collect chop money, rents, home support, medical bills, among other things from the man he calls “My Brother”.

Family sources within the Mahama household, including Alfred Mahama, Peter Mahama and Ibrahim Mahama, are therefore, shocked to see Mr. Hamid addressing a press conference, in which he attributed a criminal offense of bribery to them.

Hamid, a husband of two women and father of a couple of children, appears to have one financial challenge after another, therefore is on phone with the Mahama boys or visiting their homes to demand one financial support after another.

Alfred Mahama, has in particular gone on Accra-based radio, Ahotor FM, to react to the corruption allegation against his family, saying the press conference by the NPP made him “very said”.

Mr. Mahama, who said he heard the allegation while driving admits, the family, has been generous to everyone, including the addresser of that press conference, Mustapha Hamid. He said, it has become evidently clear accusation that if the NPP wants to destroy a northerner, it uses another northerner.

“When I heard about the press conference, I felt very said. I felt sad because if the NPP wants to damage a northerner, they always use a northerner.

He said, everyone knows my brother, Ibrahim in NPP, they all know him. A number of them when they come to him and they have issues with rents, hospital bills, some request for vehicles and so on and so forth.

According to him, his brother, does not do these things because of people’s political affiliation, but because he is a generous person and it is his nature.

“He didn’t give out those moneys and supports because they were members of the NDC, NPP or anything. When Ibrahim travels abroad, his friend, Bumpty who is the younger of Nana Addo but is not well, he gives him money because human life is precious. Their friendship can’t end today because of politics”, he said.

Explaining further, Alfred who is the older brother of president Mahama said “We know Bugri from our childhood when we were in Secondary School and he was working at the Ghana Airways that is where we know him from. He has been our friend for a long time, he used to come to our house, he knew our father.

Apart from that, when Bugri came to Accra and his daughter was sick and admitted at the hospital, he came to Ibrahim’s house, he gave him money to take care of her. Later when the daughter died, Ibrahim travelled to Tamale for the funeral, he wouldn’t have gone to the funeral, if it was an NPP funeral”.

He questioned “How many people haven’t Ibrahim given car or money in NPP? To cut everything short the one who organized the press conference Mustapha Hamid we leave him to the Quaran he worships, as to whether he hasn’t been a beneficiary to cleverly refer to Alor and Hawa as if he doesn’t know them. Between him and his conscience, if he can be comfortable with it that he has never been a beneficiary “Asalamu alekum’ that’s the shortest I can give.

We leave people with their conscience it’s not our style to help people and go out to trumpet it so I won’t mention any name but all those who have been beneficiaries and come out to pretend we leave them, with their conscience. If you have a good brother, and he joins that party [NPP], he changes to bad”.

Touching on the disunity in the NPP, Mr. Mahama, said that members of that party don’t trust themselves. He said they are afraid of what others will say about them, and so if it is the same that Bugri Naabu is afraid of being caught, they are clear in their minds, they helped him because of their friendship.

“They fear themselves it’s like Gaza Strip, so if he fears and he has gone there to say this, for us if we give you something it between you and us. And we don’t need Bugri to come to NDC because he won’t help us it’s because we have been friends. What I want to say to everyone is that if you have cotton at your behind doesn’t jump fire. I don’t want Ibrahim to speak because this is painful”, he said.

When asked if Ibrahim, ever help a deputy communication director of the NPP, when the mother died he said “Ibrahim help everyone, we are not in the business of mentioning anyone’s name, but those hypocrites who take these supports and come into the public domain to pretend, we leave them to their conscience.

He said, he was aware that Mustapha meets with Alor. According to him, he was yet to speak to Bugri Naabu, but reiterated whatever we did for him, especially when his daughter died, it was because of our friendship. But I don’t know about the car, but even if there was a car, he was not the first person Ibrahim has given a car to, there are many.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has said only fools will believe that President Mahama and his brother attempted bribing Mr Naabu with GHS3.3million, two SUVs, and GHS500,000, as being claimed by the NPP.

Answering questions about whether the allegation did not risk denting the fortunes of the NDC in the 7 December polls, Mr. Asiedu Nketia, popularly known as General Mosquito, wondered why the NDC would want to buy somebody like Mr. Naabu, who, he said, cannot even speak for himself in a matter pertaining to himself.

He told Prince Minkah on Class91.3FM’s Executive Breakfast Show on Wednesday, 30 November: “Unless you take all Ghanaians to be fools, but Ghanaians are not fools, so the type of questions I’m asking, every Ghanaian will ask those questions and will be able to draw a conclusion that this is desperation at its highest peak.

“…If I have GHS10 to pay or to bribe anybody to speak for me, it is not Bugri Naabu that I’ll be wasting that money on. NPP itself knows. And this issue where he cannot even speak for himself shows that he cannot even be speaking for anybody. A person, who cannot even speak for himself, will not be able to speak for another person.

I think that if you are a person who people would want to buy, then you must demonstrate that you can even speak on matters concerning you. Since Bugri Naabu was made regional chairman of NPP, ask the NPP people themselves, what impact has he made? What has been his impact? I mean do you think that somebody becomes so rich that he doesn’t know what to use his money for then he goes throwing the money away buying people who cannot speak to speak for him?”

In his estimation, the whole bribery story was cooked up by the NPP to save, what in his view, is the failing campaign of the NPP and its flag bearer Nana Akufo-Addo.

“I am saying that this whole story is something that is not worthy of the airtime you are spending on it. If Bugri Naabu claims somebody has bribed him, he can speak or his spokesperson can speak, but I know Mustapha Hamid is the spokesperson for Nana Addo and then Nana Addo’s campaign manager, so they have come together and realised that the campaign is going so bad for Nana Addo so: ‘let us throw in any mud hoping that that mud will stick’, but Ghanaians are wiser than what they take them to be.

“Everybody thinks that: ‘Oh, we have lost so it doesn’t matter, let’s throw anything inside. That is what they are doing. I’m not sure this is going to sway any sensible Ghanaians into voting for Nana Addo.”

At a press conference by Mr. Hamid on Tuesday, he alleged that Mr. Mahama and his brother, Ibrahim, in October this year, attempted buying Mr. Naabu so he would resign from the NPP and launch an acerbic tribal campaign against Mr. Akufo-Addo by painting him as a “hater of northerners”.

“He [Bugri Naabu] was supposed to resign from the NPP, damage Akufo-Addo as an anti-northern person, a rabid hater of northerners, and, in turn, they were going to give him: a brand new V6 Mitsubishi vehicle, a brand new V8 Land Cruiser [and] GHS3.3m.

“Bugri Naabu is owed by government to the tune of GHS247,000 from road contracts that he has done which government has not been paying for several years. They promised to pay that money instantly and then on the spot, they brought him GHS500,000 cash in GHS50 notes. Ibrahim Mahama dropped it right in front of him [Bugri Naabu].

“It’s terribly sad. This country is in serious trouble, we need to rescue this country from serious trouble. The presidency has been so depraved, so muddied, so dirtied that I tell you in all sincerity as a Ghanaian that I feel terribly sad as a Ghanaian,” Mr. Hamid said.

But Mrs. Hawa Agyemang Mahama, a younger sister of President John Mahama, has threatened legal actions against the Spokesperson of Nana Akufo-Addo, Mustapha Hamid for linking her to a company she knows nothing about.

Hamid, on Tuesday claimed that the President and one of his junior brothers; businessman Ibrahim Mahama tried bribing Daniel Bugri Naabu with a car and a cash amount of GH¢3.3 million, to destroy his own party from within.

Strangely, the outspoken NPP Northern Regional Chairman, did not attend the press conference to respond to questions from the selected journalists on the bribes offered allegedly offered on October 28, 2016.

He has since not answered his phone calls. But the NPP’s Nasara Coordinator, Kamal-Deen Abdulai on Asempa FM later explained that Daniel Bugri Naabu had been engaged in the Northern Region on NPP activities.

But immediately after the Press conference, Mrs. Agyemang-Mahama, in a telephone conversation, described Hamid’s claims as “a huge joke” insisting she has nothing to do with Marlin Investments Company; the firm which the NPP, had mentioned as the importers of the said car.

The businesswoman, who according to Hamid was a director of the Marlin Investments Company, also insisted that she does not know, Frank Nuhu Alormasor, who Hamid, had claimed was a co-director of the said company, adding she does not know Daniel Bugri Naabu.

Mrs. Agyemang-Mahama, who kept laughing throughout the conversation with The Herald, could not fathom why NPP will be using her in their political communication a week to the presidential elections. She described herself as private person, who keeps to herself away from the political limelight.

She told this paper, she was reaching out to her lawyers for the necessary legal advice, but she is sure to head to the courts, to clear her name.
Attempts to reach Ibrahim Mahama by The Herald, proved futile, as he as usual did not answer the phone calls.

Meanwhile, The Herald’s findings are that, on the day President Mahama, was mentioned to have met Daniel Bugri Naabu in the company of Ibrahim Mahama, he was rather in the Eastern Region on a six-day tour of the Region.

On the October 28, 2016, President Mahama, was before, the Chief of Aburi in the Eastern Region, Otubour Gyan Kwasi, who has endorsed his candidature, ahead of the crucial December 7, general elections.

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