NPP Youth Threaten To Kill Volta Regional Chairman


…. Through Acid-Bath

By Gifty Arthur

Some youth of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Krachi West Constituency of the Volta Region, have served notice they would kill their Regional Chairman, Peter Amewu, should he meddle in the affairs of the party in the Constituency.

The angry youth publicly said, they would acid-bath Mr. Amewu for daring to conduct the constituency’s primary to elect a parliamentary candidate for the November 7 presidential and parliamentary polls, contrary to an injunction slapped on the primary by the Hohoe High Court.

In 2014, the Constituency elected Kenneth Gyemah aka Abedi, but later, some NPP executives in the Volta Region suspended him, because according to them, he abandoned the Constituency.

It is as a result of this that, the youth are alleging executives are planning to hold another parliamentary primary tomorrow to elect a different candidate.

The angry party youth, who had gathered at one point to grant a radio interview said, “Tell Nana Addo that, the youth are serious, we shall murder people”.

The youth, led by one Kwame David Owusu, threatened to deal with the regional executives should they go ahead and conduct the election on Accra-based Okay FM, last Saturday.

“We would burn down the school they plan to use in organizing the primary. We would also kill the executives if they would not respect our decision to maintain Gyemah as our choice. Blood and acid will flow if nothing is done immediately”, Kwame Owusu said.

They told the host of the show, Kwame Nkrumah Tikisie, “We will give the chairman raw acid. What will happen in Krachi, will be bad, in fact you won’t hear any good news.

We have information that the so called election, is going to be held in the secondary school, we will burn that school”.
Speaking in turns, the NPP youth charged “if he crosses the Dambai River and come here, we shall bath him with raw acid”.

According to the group, the injunction won by Accra-based lawyer and NPP member, Nkrabia Effah Dartey, bars anybody from the party to hold the election. They disclosed that, the substitutive case is scheduled to be heard on Thursday, July 14, 2016.

However, they alleged Mr. Amewu and his cohorts, have failed to recognize the said injunction, claiming it is fake.

“Nkrabia Effah Dartey has gotten injunction from the Hohoe High Court, but they said they won’t allow because the injunction is fake. Tomorrow, we shall kill our chairman. Unless they wait until 14th else, we will kill them”, they said without caution.

Their threats come at a time when the opposition party, has recorded several brutalities against it own members due to intra party exchanges.
Indeed, last year, the NPP, lost it Upper East Regional chairman, Adams Mahama, through a cruel acid bath, by people suspected to be members of the

The case is still in court, but party members appear not to have taken a lesson from that dastardly incident in Ghana’s political history.

The telephone interview was in reaction to news making the rounds in that Constituency that, Mr. Amewu, together with the Constituency chairman, and two youth organizers, were planning to organize the primary, despite the injunction.

They claimed Mr. Amewu, did not like the NPP and that he together with the chairman and the organisers, were out just to destroy the party, and so the national leadership needed to intervene or hell will break loose.

“Peter Amewu doesn’t like NPP in the Volta Region. Since we know Nana Addo listens to your station, tell him our chairmen and youth organizers, have spoilt the party. National Campaign Chairman, Peter Mac Manu, Acting national chairman, Freddie Blay, they should be told that Krachi West, has been destroyed by the regional and Constituency chairmen and so if they go ahead to organize the election, we shall murder people to glorify the party”.

They believed it is only Krachi West seat that the NPP, can snatch from the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and so it is only right that, they work hard to achieve that target.

“The Regional Chairman knows that, aside Krachi West, the NPP, can’t win a single seat in the Volta Region”.

The youth, who have declared support for one of the contestants, Abedi, alleged that the candidate is the favourite of the party’s flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, as they claimed because of his hardwork, the flagbearer has promised to honour him with a ministerial appointment.

Claiming that Okay FM is the only station the NPP and it flagbearer listens to, the youth insisted, “Abedi is the one we want, so tell Nana Addo that it is his son Abedi. Abedi is the one we are going to vote for and so they should speak to Amewu”.

They went on “he has said that he will do all he can to ensure our parliamentary candidate in Krachi West doesn’t win, because when he wins and become the Member of Parliament (MP), he would be appointed as minister and the regional chairman, will have to report to him, which he (Amewu)doesn’t want.

One of the youth who claimed he is the organizer of a group “Nana Funclub” said “I am the organizer, each and every polling station, we are the ones who are campaigning, we know the grounds”

Frantic efforts by the station to speak to Mr. Amewu failed, as he told Okay FM, he could not speak to the issue, because it was in court.

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