NPP Youth Takes Bugri Naabu To Cleaners


The Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has been hit hard by some party members for suggesting that all presidential hopefuls, have been banned from going to the region to meet party officials.

In statement sent to the media and copied to The Herald, the members who identified themselves as “NPP Youth For 2016” accused Bugri Naabu of insincerity.

They explained that even though Bugri Naabu, had serve the ban on all presidential hopefuls, he is always seen in the company of Nana Akufo-Addo, who is interested in leading the party for the third time as Presidential Candidate, anytime he visits the Northern Region.

The group, also accused the Northern Regional Chairman of disrespecting the National Executives including, the National Chairman, Paul Afoko and General Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong by kicking against their suggestion for a delayed National Delegates Conference to elect a flagbearer.

Below is the full statement issued by the “NPP Youth For 2016” tilted “Bugri Naabu Must Cut Out the Hypocrisy And Respect Tradition and Conventions”.

We, the NPP Youth for 2016, with utmost respect, want to make clear to the Northern Regional Chairman, Bugri Naabu, to reconsider his unsustainable, contradicting and controversial directive that forbids NPP presidential hopefuls to have any form of physical or personal contact with party officials in the Northern Region.

The chairman’s statement which can be found on Ghanaweb can best be described as fruitless glory-seeking move which has no place in practical politics.

We say this knowing too well, the need to wait for nominations to open before any active campaign. But what is also true is that, campaign is not and must not be the only reason why party men and women must meet their own people.

By choice or by accident, Chairman Bugri Naabu is trying, by his directive, to prevent people from entering Northern Region and also to restrict party officials from meeting their own party persons, even for reasons other than campaigning. Maybe Chairman Bugri Naabu has not turned to the difficult legitimate questions awaiting his directive.

Who determines who a presidential hopeful is? Is presidential hopeful one who has contested for presidential primaries before? What about the new names we hear who have not yet personally and publicly stated clear intention, will they be forced out of any meeting with party officials, or they will be allowed to the disadvantage of the known names? Chairman Bugri must not start what he cannot finish.

The letter and spirit of article 4 of NPP constitution gives a regional Chairman no such powers. Chairman Bugri Naabu must tell the whole world which part of NPP constitution grants him power or right to embark on such peace killing show of power.

Chairman Bugri Naabu issues this sketchy directive, expects and actually warns people to respect and obey it. But he shockingly turns around to openly disrespect the authority of National Chairman, The General Secretary and the steering committee by calling for early congress, when indeed, date for presidential primaries is made known.

This is where the hypocrisy lies. In spite of his position or directive, we know that Chairman Bugri is abused his own directives meeting an aspirant (Akufo Addo) at the airport in Tamale both during congress and the funeral of our late stalwart.

Bugri Naabu travelled around the region with Nana, visiting Tolon Naa, etc.

Chairman Bugri Naabu must come to know that, the path to victory 2016 is neither straight nor automatic.

The enormity of the task ahead requires consensus, dialogue, sacrifice and selflessness on the part of all.

It ultimately demands humble, strong, serious, and reconciliatory leadership, and not unbeneficial show of power. May God listen our prayer and light our path to 2016. Thank you.

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