NPP Training Deadly Thugs At Secret Location


Ahead Of 2020 Elections- Lawyer

Former Member of Parliament (MP) for North Dayi, George Loh, has blown the cover of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) as far as it security arrangement for election 2020, is concerned.

According to the lawyer, the governing party is secretly training some of it youth in an undisclosed location for the next general elections which is two years away, adding the NDC is fully aware of the location and warned it would not sit unconcerned for their fierce rivals to outwit them.

“What we cannot assure ourselves is to leave our fate in the hands of the Police so that the NPP people will have a field day and come and attack us. Look, we have all the intelligence on the ground, we know they are training their boys for elections 2020 and we will not sit aloof and watch”.

To this end, Mr Loh, said the largest opposition party, is also preparing itself to meet the NPP squarely as they (NDC) cannot trust the Police to offer them full security.

“Because the NPP has shown us that if we leave our destiny in the hands of the police they will kill us ruthlessly with those invisible forces and all the other names we have and we will march them boot for boot. I am one of the advocates, I feel strongly about it because we have seen what they have done to party members because we lost our guard and thought that police will protect us. Never again should we leave our destiny in the hands of the police alone”.

The outspoken member of the NDC said “You should have a plan B; our Plan B will be our internal security that we will continue to protect”.

Mr Loh who said this while reacting to media reports that the NDC has outdoored vigilante groups to counter the NPP’s Delta Forces, Invisible Forces, Kandahar Boys, Bolga Bull Dogs among others, said the NDC is wild awake and will not fold it arms while the police plays it soft with the governing party as they continue to visit mayhem on Ghanaians with the hope that the Police at a point will rise to the occasion.

This is not the first time the NPP is being accused of organizing and training some of it men for an impending election. Ahead of the 2016 general elections, it brought some South African ex-servicemen ostensibly to train and equip it youth for any eventuality at the polls.

Justifying the action of the NDC, the failed Volta Regional Secretary aspirant said it has become imperative for the largest opposition party, to resort to this move because of the lackadaisical attitude of the Ghana Police to crack the whip on similar groups by the NPP.

He said, the NDC cannot be blamed for not leaving all the security needed in the hands of the Police because of past events.

Questioned if the NDC’s action is not recipe for disaster as the Police are the sole body mandated to maintain law and order, he remarked “Well, how has the police proven that they were able to deal with it? Simple Kandahar boys going to lock state institution what has been the result? The police were standing by there when the invisible forces attacked the judge while sitting in an open court.

Clearly, the police have demonstrated over time that they are unable to deal with these things whether because of politics or whatever”.

The lawyer said, he was in support of the three vigilante groups namely Harks, Dragons and the Lions and described the decision by the NDC to form them as a step in the right direction.

“Me, we are saying that, we are not going to leave our destiny in the hands of Ghana police. They have a job to do and we respect their job and when they are going to count ballot papers we will ask them to codone off the place, but we will also keep our eyes on everyone that comes around”.

He explained, the aforementioned vigilante groups have been formed firstly to protect the NDC in it internal programmes as well as national election especially the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections.

In his view, the NPP’s Delta Forces and the others, have caused enough havoc already since the party assumed office but since the Police have failed to exert power on them, the main opposition party will not sit down and watch whiles the next elections approaches.

Mr Loh, said the NDC would stick to it plans to recruit these groups, because it was their right to protect their interest.

“In recent times, we have seen all sorts of invisible forces, and all sort of forces Kandahar boys, being unleashed on us. Anytime we are going to have internal programmes or henceforth, anytime we are going to have a programme, some of us are going to continue to advocate that, we have our own security system because we don’t know when this invisible forces will want to come and cause confusion and mayhem so it is within our right and we will do so all the way into the elections we will not leave any stone unturned”.

He argued that it was not the position of the NDC that the Police has no capacity to do it work and ensure that those who flout the law are dealt with, but he said the Police has in the past years demonstrated that it is unable to act even in cases where there are clear evidences because of probably political influence.

He said until the Police show demonstrable evidence that they are ready to protect everyone no matter their political affiliation, the NDC will protect all it interests including ballot boxes with these groups while the Police play the role it can.

The former MP said if the NPP is not happy about NDC having it own groups like they have, then they should disband their militia groups but in the case that they refuse like their General Secretary John Boadu said some time ago, the NDC will maintain theirs as well so that they both enter the elections well prepared.

“You see, we are not saying that the Police don’t have the capacity, but we are saying that they give us the impression that when we go out there, we protect only one group and even where it is clear that people have done things and fingers are pointed at them and said look these are the people who did it they find it difficult to have arrested and punished.

They are purely for party purposes, for us they are for internal security and I am saying that going into elections 2020  we will continue to have them, we will protect the ballot bosses with them, we will do everything we do with them. The assurance is that beyond that, you will not see them do the things the NPP’s do.

And if the NPP wants to give us the assurance that this is not necessary, they should stop training their boys where they are training them we know the training centres”.


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