NPP Regional Executives Insult Used & Dumped Bugri Naabu


…After Refusing GH50,000 Enticement

By Gifty Arthur

The newly elected Northern Regional executive members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) who ganged up against Daniel BugriNaabu’s reelection as Regional Chairman, are shockingly urging him to consider contesting for a National Vice Chairman position of the party.

The proposal seen as an insult on the man they embarrassingly rejected as regional chairman, was made when the new executives paid him a visit at his residence, as a team after the elections held two Saturdays ago.

The eccentric Daniel Bugri Naabu, was defeated at the just ended Northern Regional delegates congress by Business mogul, Mohammed A. Baantima Samba, who won the Chairman slot with 312 votes of a total votes cast of 492.

Earlier, Samba, had gone to Bugri Naabu’s house with a GH¢50, 000, as compensation after the embarrassing defeat.

Speaking to Citi News, Legal practitioner, Sule Sambian, who won the Secretary position said the team was confident that Mr Bugri Naabu, will do a great job in a vice Chairman capacity.

“We made the proposal as a team that if he would want to contest at the National Level, we’ll be there to support him. We think that he’ll make a fine Vice Chairman for the party that’s why we made that proposal to him.”

Bugri Naabu’s defeat arguably, was the biggest in this year’s regional election by the governing party.

Many have said Bugri Naabu, is being bated for another humiliation to shut him up entirely, as he is not going to win the NPP vice chairman slot.

Some have argued that, if Bugri Naabu was that good for NPP National Vice-chairman, why wasn’t he retained as NPP Regional Chairman.

The controversial politician,was seeking re-election after serving his first term, but was shockingly stopped by  the first timer.

Since the humiliating defeat, the loud-mouthed politician, has gone into political hibernation, leaving every interview and conversation to his aide, Simark Sheraz.

But the question on the lips of many is, how Bugri Naabu, who in the run up to the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections played major roles to see to the victory of now President, could be ousted by a man said to have been sponsored by Nana Akufo-Addo.

His aide, confirmed the new Northern Regional Chairman, Mohammed Bantima Samba, offered to gift Naabu GH¢50,000, but turned it down, because the latter felt it was not right to receive the money from his “small boy” especially right after the elections..

“It was about three or four days ago. The man [Samba] came to the house with his newly elected team to greet Chairman Bugri Naabu. Bugri Naabu, told them to make sure that the party is still on its feet to make sure that we win more parliamentary seats and get more votes for Nana Akufo-Addo.”

It will be recalled that few days to that crucial election, the immediate past chairman, shocked many with an allegation that, former President John Mahama and his brother, Ibrahim, attempted to bribe him with some cash amount and a vehicle to work against the NPP and President Akufo-Addo.

Though the government of President Mahama, denied it, Bugri Naabu, insisted it was true.

In a press conference held in Accra less than a week to the elections, the NPP presented documents which the party said proved that, Ibrahim Mahama, gave Bugri Naabu GH¢500, 000 cash and a brand new Mistubishi V6 vehicle to portray Akufo-Addo, as someone who hates Northerners.

The spokesperson to Nana Akufo-Addo, Mustapha Hamid, who addressed the press conference, said President Mahama and his team had “not relented in their evil ways and means to use our own people to work against the NPP”, the now Information Minister, said.

He said, Ibrahim Mahama and one Mohammed Awal, met Bugri Naabu on Friday, November 25, and offered to pay him GHC3.3 million, if he could paint Akufo-Addo “as a rabid anti-northern person, who could never be trusted to advance the people of the north”.

He claimed Ibrahim Mahama gave Bugri Naabu GH¢500, 000 on the spot, which the NPP chairman deposited the next day at the Abossey Okai branch of Prudential Bank.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Engineers and Planners (E&P) who doubles as younger brother of the president followed up with the Mistubushi V6 vehicle.

Having won the 2016 elections, Bugri Naabu, said the car was going to be donated to charity. Other reports also quoted different amount (GHC40, 000) and different vehicle (V8).

 In April 2015, the same Bugri Naabu, accused President Mahama of bribing Kokombas with tractor and pickup all in his desire to ensure the then National Democratic Congress (NDC) government was replaced with his party, the NPP.

According to him, President Mahama at that year’s Konkomba Youth Association’s congress in Saboba,  gave the youth a tractor and by extension the Saboba chief a pickup.

Daniel Bugri Naabu who incessantly accused President Mahama of sidelining Konkombas in his cabinet, described the President’s gesture, as a desperate attempt to win the votes of the Konkomba community in the 2016 elections.

He said, no amount of influence by the President, would change Konkombas mind to vote for the governing NDC during that elections.

“John Mahama takes Konkombas and laugh at them by giving them a tractor for the Konkomba Youth Association and giving the chief a pickup and promising them, the promise will always come, nothing will happen: I am very sorry the Konkombas, would never change their mind, they would never vote for the NDC again.”

Few weeks to the just ended elections, he unsuccessfully again employed all kinds of tricks ostensibly to win for himself, sympathy votes.

Having realized he had fallen out of favour with the presidency, he confirmed he sanctioned an attack on a local contractor and warned that equipment of the contractor, would be seized if he returns to the site.

Bugri Naabu stated that, he sanctioned the attack on the contractors, adding that the situation would have been fatal if he was in Tamale during the incident.

To appease his support base, Bugri Naabu, said the NPP youth “did a good job” by chasing away the contractor.

“I sanctioned it,” Bugri Naabu said in an interview on Starr Today, adding, “The guy who awarded the contract to them, where is their award letter…when our own people have no jobs, NDC people are working all over the place in the region.”

A day to the regional election, the outspoken defeated Chairman was involved in an accident.On the day of voting, his mangled accident vehicle was towed to the venue for the Congress; the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium, in Tamale supposedly to attract sympathy votes for Naabu.

That was not all; he reportedly arrived at the venue in a wheelchair, but managed to walk off the venue after the results were declared.

But in the midst of all that, his aide, Simark Sheraz, has explained Bugri Naabu, used the wheelchair at the venue upon a doctor’s advice to avoid standing for long to deliver his address.

Having played the above roles and topping it up with massive win in the Northern Region with additional parliamentary seats, Bugri Naabu, has painfully been cleared like a disease infested plant forcing him to go completely quiet.

Some have argued the NPP was not tactful enough, because their decision to remove Chairman Bugri Naabu, could cost them the region in the next election.


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