“NPP National Executives Choping Without Me”


Obiri Boahen Cries On Secret Tape….

..Reveals Gov’t Contracts Being Shared At Party Headquarters &John Boadu’s Long-Held Selfishness

Details of an audio recording of the Deputy General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Obiri Boahen , reveals how national executives of the party, have sidelined him in the sharing of the spoils of war after a hard fought political victory.

The NPP Deputy General Secretary, has been captured lamenting, how he is being treated by the party, despite his selfless services since 1992.

He alleges that, some leading members of the party are busily grabbing, while some of them who toiled for its victory, have been left to their fate, revealing that he has not been given a vehicle as a party official.

He specifically cited how the Presidency gave the party GH¢50 billion for its extraordinary National Delegates Conference in Cape Coast, last year, but he only got a paltry GH¢5,000, as a member of the resolution committee out of the GH¢50 billion.

He further mentioned the acting NPP General Secretary, John Boadu and accused him of selfishness, saying he is a glutton.

He suggested that, government contracts were being shared at the NPP national headquarters, however, John Boadu, who is in-charge of sharing, has left him hungry, having sidelined him in the sharing.

“John Boadu has never called me to say there is a contract at the headquarters so bring a paper and claim it. It has never happened so I am quiet and watching”, he revealed.

John Boadu,, has always had problem with given. According to party folks and close pals of his at KorleGono,Mamprobi and Korle Bu and its environs, “John is a selfish person”.

ObiriBoahen insists, “when we were going to Cape Coast the other time, I was given GH¢3,000 as a member of the Resolution Committee and an additional GH¢2,000 for fuel. Meanwhile, the Flagstaff House gave the party an amount of GH¢50 billion”.

The NPP held its National Delegates Conference at Cape Coast in August last year, at which various proposals, were made for amendments to the party’s constitution.

The private legal practitioner claims, he uses and fuels his own vehicle, but have decided to keep mute because the current crop of party leaders, have refused to see a reason to remunerate him to carry on party activities.

“As the Deputy General Secretary of the party, NPP has been in power for 11 months they have neither given me a car nor fuel same. I use my own car and buy my own fuel. Recently when I travelled to Spain, they paid for my flight ticket. During a similar trip to Germany, someone paid for my ticket. I have no office of my own and I am not entitled to my salary”, he alleged invoking the wrath of several deities if he lied.

Nana Obiri Boahen, said as a member of the resolution committee during its Extraordinary Conference in Cape Coast last year, he only received GHC5,000, out of GHC5 million that was raised for the event.

He alleged that, what is currently happening in the party is “grabbing grabbing” in the wake no single vehicle at the party’s headquarters for official duties.

“No Minister, DCE, MCE has called for any contract. What is happening is grabbing grabbing”, he claimed.

According to him, he has suffered for the party since 1992 and even attends court proceedings for JB Danquah Adu, without any support from the Acting National Chairman or Secretary, because they do not appear to care.

He bemoaned the fact that, the party has no official vehicle in the wake of these huge sums being sunk into the party and its activities.

“If a visitor arrives at Kotoka right now and needs to be picked up, we have no car to pick that person, because there are no vehicles at the party headquarters.

The private legal practitioner claimed he uses his own resources in carrying out activities for the party stating that in some cases he offers his services for free for the party and does not receive anything for his effort; citing the trial of suspects of J.B Danquah Adu as an example.

Meanwhile, Obiri Boahen admitted to making those statements but added he deliberately ‘manufactured some lies’ to get information from the other person alleged to be one “Kweku Skirt” who was engaged in a conversation with him.

In an interview with www.ghanaweb.com, Obiri Boahen suggested that he doubted the character of the individual he was conversing with, the reason for which he divulged such false information.

The ‘under fire’ Deputy General Secretary of the NPP alleged Kweku Skirt deliberately recorded their conversation for mischievous purposes and accused him of blackmailing him by threatening to release the audio should he fail to pay him some huge amount of money.

The outspoken member of the NPP said he took the consequence of releasing the audio for granted because he was confident all he let out were lies and wasn’t bothered at all if Kweku Skirt released the audio to some media houses.

“He told me that the conversation he had with me he had recorded the whole thing and that if I don’t get him money he will play it to the public. Are you listening? Then I told him that I am sorry I can’t get him money because what I told him that what I told him a lot of them were fabrications because when we were discussing it dawned on me that he was not a trustworthy character but in order to get more information I just pretended. So he said I should get him some money then I said look I am not getting any money for him. He is at liberty to send it to everybody in this world. Then he said he will send the recording to some NDC media stations then I said I was not going to get you money because what I did was intentionally done to solicit more information from you” he narrated.

He, however, said he wouldn’t retaliate by disclosing to the public some vital information presented by Kweku Skirt because “he is not a credible character”

Buttressing his point, ObiriBoahen referenced staunch NDC supporter and a Mahama die hard, Appiah Stadium and General Secretary of NPP as two individuals who affirmed the dubious nature of Kweku Skirt.

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