NPP Must Find Time For Natioanal Sanitation Day Too!


Last Wednesday February 25, thousands of Ghanaians took to the street in a demonstration, dubbed “ya bre”, to wit we are tired, in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi.

Not that we are against them demonstrating, as it is within their Constitutional right to do so, we only think that in as much as we find time to take part in a demonstrations and peaceful protest, we should equally make time to take part in activities that promote the changes that we all seek.

Last month, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD), organized the National Sanitation Day in Kumasi, the same place the demonstration took place, the number of people that came out to take part in cleaning the city was a far cry from what we witnessed on Wednesday.

The Asantehene, Otumfuor Osei Tutu, the overlord of the Ashanti Region, put on his working gear and joined many well-meaning residents to take part in that exercise, while others just stood aloof as though the filth that had engulfed the city and their homes, were imported.

We cannot expend our energies on frivolities, because the political elite called for it, we have a responsibility and a contribution to make in the transformation of the country.

We will have wished that the same enthusiasm that greeted the demonstration will be witnessed anytime the MLGRD organizes its national clean up exercise and particular next month’s exercise in Volta region.

The leaders, who led the demonstration, including some Members of Parliament (MPs), were themselves nowhere to be found during the National Sanitation Day, which begun last year and even named after the late Vice President, Aliu Mahama .

We are all part of the problem and must be part of the solution, but if all we do is display a high level of pettiness because it is not our party in Government.

Our leaders must begin to put Ghana first, it has always been about their selfish interest, and Ghanaians will be awake one day and when that happens politicians will
be exposed for who they are.

If only half of the numbers that took part in the demonstration could join in the national clean- up exercise, we believe that the problems associated with sanitation can be minimized to the barest.

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