NPP MP Destroys Document OF Opponent On National Television


By Patrick Biddah

The New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament (MP) for Manyhia North, Collins Owusu Amankwah, brought the image of Parliament into disrepute, when he behaved unruly on national television.

The unruly behavior happened, when the MP, aggressively and physically snatched a reference document from Mr Kojo Dankwa, a  National Democratic Congress representative on the discussion segment of the late news on UTV, with whom he was on the programme.

The misbehavior of the NPP MP, resulted in the tearing of the reference document which the NDC representative was using to substantiate a point he was making on the show.

The topic on the night was on the discussion of the research conducted by the University of Ghana Political Science Department on the performance of Members of Parliament which was released last week.

The MP’S problem with the NDC representative was that, he had warned him not to bring to the show such documents which he (the MP) considered to be a propaganda material .

The document in question was a price list of commodities on the market which was compiled by Joy FM in 2017, as against the current prices of commodities on the market.

The point which the NDC representative, Mr Dankwa, sought to achieve with the reference document was that prices of goods and services keeps escalating under the leadership of the NPP administration, which for was indicative of the hardship Ghanaians have been subjected to under this current administration.

The NDC representative, who was stunned by the behavior of the NPP MP, asked how he could do such a thing  He asked:”But Honorable what are you doing?”.

But the shameless MP, before tearing the document  chose to find solace in the host of the show, Agya Kwabena, when he said a look at the dressing of the host shows Ghanaians are not suffering because of how good he claimed the host was looking.

The host , who could not contain the intolerant MP and the action he exhibited, ended the discussion segment abruptly and concluded by saying Ghanaians will be better judges of the behavior of the MP, because he was not expected to behave in the manner he did.

The Manyhia North MP, who is the deputy Chairman of the Defense and Interior Committee in Parliament , has not in his political discussion on any platform seen his document torn by any opponent except to be slapped by the Chairman of his party in the Ashanti region, Mr Bernard Antwi Bosiako, over election related misunderstanding in 2016.


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