NPP Is Running Toilet Economy – Fiifi Kwetey


By Patrick Biddah

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Ketu South, Mr Fiifi Kwetey, has accused the government of running a government which focuses on the building of Kumasi Ventilated Improvement Pit ,otherwise referred to as KVIP.

This he explained is the reason a government such as the New Patriotic Party (NPP), will promise giving $1 million every year to each Constituency, only to say it has used the money to build KVIP and toilets.

This for him, shows the toilet and KVIP mentality of  the NPP government, which has reflected in the poor management of the economy.

Making a comment on Monday at a pre budget review conference held by the Minority, Mr Kwetey, who is also a Member of the Finance Committee, described the Finance Minister, Mr Ken Ofori Atta, as doing accounting gymnastics with the figures on the economy by cooking figures to make the economic indicators of the country look good.

Mr Kwetey, who is known for being  outspoken, also linked the poor state of the roads across the country to the toilet mentality of the government.

“I have not seen the state of the roads in the country as worst as what we are seeing all over the country. This state of roads under this government can only be compared to the state of roads when former President Rawlings took over the reigns of government in the 80s at the start of building the country”, he pointed out.

Mr Kwetey, who was brief, but critical turned his guns to the filth and sanitary conditions in the country.

In view of that, he said the minds of the leaders of the NPP administration is filled with filth which is manifesting on the streets.

“You have a group of liars who just cannot speak the truth but continue to lie about turning Accra into the cleanest city in Africa. Their minds are rather filled with filth and poor sanitation which is what we are seeing?”,he added.

The Minority Chief Whip  in Parliament, Mr Muntaka Mubarak, who was also at the press conference, revealed how the various Metropolitan ,Municipal And District Chief Executives, have been forced to remain quiet in spite of funds that have not been released to them for their operations.

Not only are MMDCEs suffering in silence, but also the service providers for the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), he said.

According to the Minority Chief Whip, the government is indebted to  NHIS service providers for over nine months, but claiming to be indebted to them for only two months.

The service providers, he noted cannot speak out, because they have been threatened with withdrawal of licenses.

All of these happenings the Minority Chief warned, is a recipe for explosive anger for all these people who seemed to be under suppression under this government.

He, therefore, warned the government to be careful with the manner it is toiling with the people hinting that is a time bomb situation waiting to happen.








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