NPP Infiltrates NDC Headquarters & Minority MPS



Offering Money, Scholarships, Foreign Trips, Contracts & Others For Secret Recording……..

The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has badly infiltrated the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), with nearly every information of the party, its plans and strategies towards victory 2020, made available to the Akufo-Addo government by spies.

The Herald learnt that, aside the NDC headquarters, where some national executives of the opposition party, had been sponsored by notable members of the NPP and elements in government some of whom are secretly recording party meetings for the government, the NDC Minority in Parliament, has also had its rank and file broken through sexual relationships some NDC female MPs, are having with their male counterparts in NPP Majority.

This paper is informed that, some of the NDC female MPs, have been induced with money, foreign trips, contracts, scholarships to study abroad among other mouthwatering packages.

Some of the female MPs names are available to The Herald, including the NPP MPs they have been hanging with and the hotels they frequent, and hardly attend sitting to debate and vote on issues, as they are either out of the country or just working according to the plans of the Majority.

Recently, at a top level meeting on the Ayawaso West Wuogo gun violence by the minority MPs, a shocking incident occurred where a female MP, placed a phone call to a male NPP MP to listen to the discussion the Minority were having, especially on the induction of Lydia Seyram Alhassan as the MP for the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency after the by-election.

Before the Minority meeting ended, the Majority MPs, had a firsthand knowledge as to the plans to boycott Lydia Alhassan’s induction and had started confronting them with details of the strategy and imploring them to rescind the decision to the shock of those who attended the meeting.

Many of the older and matured female MPs, are worriedly sick about the extent of the infiltration and how their commitment is not yielding any effort as a result of the moles. The extent of the sex issue this paper learnt is so massive that the female NPP MPs use it to mock the NDC female MPs.

The male MPs on the Minority side, are also said to be worried about the development and constantly discussing the issue at their meetings. They contend that the issue is affecting their work in Parliament and will eventually make recapturing power from the NPP very difficult.

The issue is said to be posing a lot of headache to the leadership of the Minority and they have been compelled to mention it at some forum, but it is not clear what the NDC leadership intends doing about the issue.

Already, the NDC National Chairman, Samuel OfosuAmpofo, who was recorded some three weeks ago, has broken his silence days after a secret audio tape alleged to be his voice found its way into the media space, insisting his “hands are clean”.

According to Mr  Ofosu Ampofo, his accusers, the NPP, are fighting a lost battle because; their attempt to denigrate and drag him in the mud will amount to nothing.

The former National Organizer of the NDC, who was elected leader of the largest opposition group last December, says the NPP, is shaken because it arch  rivals (NDC), have elected a chairman who has an enviable record as a peace loving man, a staunch Christian who is reconciling all it rank and file for victory 2020.

“The NPP cannot sleep because they know the NDC has a chairman who is a peaceful person, a Christian who is reconciling his party and bringing his party together in unity to win 2020”.

Mr Ampofo said this when he joined hundreds of Greater Accra Regional NDC supporters in a walk dub “Walk with Mahama” on Saturday in Accra.

The NDC chair, said having served in many capacities as a political leader; records show he has conducted himself as the gentleman that he is and so feverish efforts by political opponents cannot rewrite history to paint him black.

He said, the NDC would not be distracted by the ugly noises by the NPP, as it is on course to snatch political power from the NPP in 2020.

“Less than three months ago, you elected me as the Chairman of the party. Now, the NPP has organized a press conference asking me to resign. I want to assure you that I am a man of peace, and my hands are clean.

I have been in politics for many years, there’s no evidence I have won my victory through violence or spoken against anybody. I want to remain focused; the NDC wants to remain focused. We will win the election freely, fairly and clearly”, he said.

The under file national chairman said the NDC, contrary to the propaganda by the governing party with respect to the alleged tape, is a believer of the rule of law and are democrats which will not do anything to undermine the gains made so far by the country.

Speaking to the charged crowd, Mr Ampofo posited that the NDC will not kill, kidnap or insult to win power, adding all they will seek to do as a party is to spread it goodwill messages to the electorates.

“The NDC believes in the rule of law and we are Demarcates. I want to assure all Ghanaians that the NDC will not kill women to win power, the NDC will not kidnap people to win power, the NDC will not insult to win power, the NDC will bring a message of hope to Ghanaians”.

The former MP for Fantiakwa in the Eastern Region, also spoke on a formal invitation by the CID, to assist in the investigation over the alleged leaked audio tape.

Mr Ampofo debunked rumour that he has absconded from the country. He said this morning, he would proceed to the CID headquarters with his lawyers to answer any question of their interest.

The NDC chair who said he first got the invitation through social media platform said “I want to assure you that the NDC chairman has not run away from anybody.

“When we finish thanking God on Sunday on Monday, our lawyers have informed the CID that the National Chairman of the NDC will come to the cid headquarters to answer any question that they want. By eight O’clock, we are there and so, I want to assure them that the peaceful Chairman, the peaceful party will respond to their call even though they first invited us through Whatsapp”.

Mr Ampofo, was captured in leaked audio telling party communicators that “we’re going to take her [EC boss] to the cleaners.”

“As for the EC chair, we must wage a relentless war on this EC chair. Me, she doesn’t want to see my face,” Ofosu-Ampofo allegedly said at the meeting which took place after the Ayawaso by-election.

As part of strategic communication plans for the NDC going into the 2020 elections, Ofosu-Ampofo, also gave his blessings for the communicators to verbally attack the Peace Council chairman, Professor Emmanuel Asante.

Former President who also touched on the alleged tape asked supporters of the party to treat it with the contempt it deserve as he described it as a distraction against the forward march of the party into the next election.

Addressing NDC members, the former President urged the party to focus on delivering its message and not be distracted.

“Our opponents are good at propaganda and they will come up from time to time with things to distract us. This issue of a [leaked] tape is just a distraction. Dismiss it with the contempt it deserves. Let us focus. Our message must be to the Ghanaian people.”


“Let us tell the Ghanaian people what we can do for them and cease the endless arguments with the NPP party. It is only a government that has too much time on its hands because it is not working, that will have time to go and bug the office of its opponents.”

“We do not have time for that. Let us focus our message and tell Ghanaians what we can do for them. We already have a track record. We have governed this country before and so let us focus on the things we can do for Ghanaians to make their lives better and not be distracted by the shenanigans of the NPP party.”

“Walk with Mahama” was organized in honour of former President John Mahama, for becoming the party’s flagbearer for the second time, with a whopping 95 percent votes, against six other contenders of the party and was aimed at also uniting the party in preparation for next year’s general elections.

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