NPP Going Dirty With Electricity Bills


Targets Mahama, Wife & Brothers Accuses Them Of Profiting From Killer Tariffs

The Herald, has intercepted a secret plot hatched by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to accuse the president, John Dramani Mahama, his wife and brothers of profiting greatly from the current huge tariffs being charged customers of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

“Why should you pay more for electricity than rent when Mahama is getting richer and richer? Enough is enough – cut the bills now! Electricity
costing more than your rent? Enough is enough – stop Mahama’s stealing and cut the bills now!” it said in the intercepted document traced to the NPP Director of Communications headed Nana Akomea.

According to the NPP, “John Mahama and his family, are profiting from your misery – the Mahama family is directly benefiting from the crisis, the President, has spent public money leasing old generators from his own brother at inflated prices, rather than investing in a long-term solution to the problem”.

The accusation contained in a three-page document sent to the party communicators, Members of Parliament (MPs), serial callers, and many others across the country. is titled, “speaking notes on electricity tariffs”; to publicly attack President Mahama, and his family on deals the NPP suspects, involves corruption and thievery.

While attacking President Mahama and his wife, Lordina Mahama, brother and business mogul, Ibrahim Mahama, and another brother, Innusah Mahama, of dabbling in ridiculous transactions that led to the acquisition of Karpower, Ameri Power plants and the building of Ghana Gas, the NPP communicators, are to remind Ghanaians of Nana Akufo-Addo’s promise to reduce electricity tariffs, when he is elected as president at the November 2016 polls.

Nana Akomea, the party’s Director of Communication was heard on Joy FM and MultiTV’s News analysis programme, Newsfile last Saturday, virtually quoting portions of the speaking notes, when the discussants were talking about the power issue.

The intercepted speaking note is different from the statement Nana Addo issued last week, ahead of his departure to London via France. His statement came on the heels of directive by the Public Utility and Regulatory Commission (PURC) that the power company, suspends the current electricity billing system, which has courted uproar from the public.

The party claims, the current challenge in the power sector with respect to exorbitant billing by ECG as sheer “incompetence and corruption”, adding “John Mahama and his people are benefiting from the misery of the people. The Ghana Gas project took three years longer to build (incompetence) and cost twice as more (corruption)”.

The NPP speaking notes claimed, President Mahama’s government, is struggling to pay the debt owed the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCO), mainly because he, (Mahama) has squandered the nation’s resources.

“We owe the Nigerians on payments for gas supply, because Mahama, has squandered the country’s resources on “create, loot and share” and can’t pay to keep our lights on”, it said.

On the Karpower deal, the party said, the transaction was a complete rip off, claiming brothers of the president, Sulley and Innusah Mahama, were behind it, and “Karpower barge, the emergency power plant from Turkey, is a total rip off. His brothers are behind it”.

It went on to say, GNPC cancelled an open tender for the fuel supply to the barge, which was around $1.5m a month to offer it to a company fronted by Innusah Mahama (Energy) and Sulley at the cost of $7m a month!

Ameri’s $600m gas turbines, is inflated by some $240M, more than twice the actual cost”.

Without any shred of evidence, the NPP alleged that the First Lady, Lordina, was behind the controversial Ameri Plant brought into the country earlier this year to curtail the energy deficit which brought about over three years of load shedding locally known as “dumsor”.

The party linked Mrs. Mahama as a friend of the wife of Sheikh Mohammed AL Maktoum, chairman of Ameri Energy, as the reason they believes she is behind the Ameri deal.

“Lordina Mahama is behind Ameri. She is best friends with the wife of Sheikh Mohamed AL Maktoum, Chairman of Ameri Energy, Adding, boss of Engineers and Planners, “Ibrahim Mahama is behind Metkha, which has the $350m contract from Ameri”.

To the NPP, the sure way for Ghanaians to enjoy reliable and affordable power is for them to vote out the president in the impending November 7 presidential and parliamentary elections.

“Mahama must be booted out of power for Ghanaians to get reliable and affordable power. They’ve stolen your money & are now making you pay to fix the mess – Mahama doesn’t care about voters, ordinary Ghanaians are suffering and he has forced them to pay a 400% increase in power prices to pay for an overpriced, short term solution from his brothers”, the document said.

They charged, “the price rises are a short term fix that isn’t even working – only ending Mahama’s corruption will solve Ghana’s electricity crisis”.

The document claimed the NPP is the only party that has the record to undo all the untold hardship the NDC has brought upon Ghanaians, adding that during the first NPP government under ex-president John Kufuor, electricity prices were lower and corruption was fought vigorously.

“NPP has record of cleaning up NDC’s mess – under Kufour the NPP government kept electricity prices low, clamped down on corruption and won development money for new power stations – now under Nana it will cut prices & attract new investors.

Why should you pay more for electricity than rent, when Mahama is getting richer and richer? Enough is enough – cut the bills now! Electricity costing more than your rent? Enough is enough – stop Mahama’s stealing and cut the bills now!” it said.

More to come!

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