NPP Chair Hunts Alan’s Voters


For Going Against Bible, Quran and Dagbani Deities

The Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugri Naabu, has announced his divine rights to punish any party member, who disobeyed his orders and wishes by voting for flagbearer contender, Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremanten two Sundays ago in the Super Delegates Congress.

He has threatened to smoke out the eight party delegates in the region, who voted against Nana Akufo-Addo, revealing that all delegates were whipped into voting for Nana Addo by swearing on Bible, Quran and “Tin-gbana” – Dagbani deities- yet the eight went against the oath.

“I was voted by popular majority in the party, so if I want to do my thing, who can stop me by saying that what I am doing is not right? I am the chairman of the region and any person I think is doing something wrong, I can penalize them because I have that mandate…I have the right to discipline any officer who goes against my wish,” he remarked.

He made these threats, following the refusal of some eight delegates in the region to vote for Nana Addo in the Super Delegates Congress.
The Super Delegates Congress was aimed at reducing the number of presidential candidate aspirants from seven to five as stipulated in the NPP’s Constitution.

Bugri Naabu on Citi FM’s Eyewitness News, disclosed that prior to Sunday’s elections; delegates in the region were made to swear by the Bible and the Quran that they will all vote in favour of Nana Addo.

However, by the close of voting, it came to light that some eight delegates voted for other candidates.

This consequently incurred the wrath of Bugri Naabu, who set up a three-member committee to investigate and produce the names of the eight candidates.

He confirmed that he indeed, set up the committee, because a pact had been broken.

He insisted that he has not breached any section of the NPP’s Constitution by forcing party delegates to vote for his preferred candidate.
“The party rules can be there, but we are human beings. I didn’t breach any law. It is the wish of the people and no one can tell me I am breaching the law. What law have I breached?” he questioned.

He explained that the delegates who voted for Alan Kyeremanten destroyed Nana Addo’s record of getting a 100 per cent votes in the Region, therefore, they must be punished.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for Alan Kyeremanten, has expressed shock at Bugri Naabu’s directive saying, “this is unacceptable and it is horrendous and it shouldn’t have happened.”

Nana Ohene Ntow, appealed to the leadership of the party to as a matter of urgency call the Northern Regional chairman to order to save the party from public ridicule.

“He has totally discredited his position as the regional chairman, and he has shown that he cannot be trusted as a firm leader in a contest that we are undertaking right now,” he complained.

Shortly after this, the Northern Regional Chairman issued a rejoinder claiming his threat to fish out the party delegates’ who failed to vote for Nana Akufo-Addo and punish them, was a mere joke.

“I would like to place on record that my light hearted attempt at humour has been misconstrued and in that regard, I unconditionally withdraw those comments which were meant to be in jest,” he said.

He also vehemently denied ordering party delegates to swear an oath.

“I have no authority to set up a committee to investigate who did or did not vote for a particular candidate and so no such committee can or will be set up. Furthermore, no oaths were sworn to coerce people to vote for Nana Akufo-Addo,” he said.

Nana Ohene Ntow, had earlier alleged that there was a grand scheme within the party to get him to bow out of the race.

He was of the firm belief that the rank and file of the party, are scheming to pave way for two-time presidential candidate of the party, Nana Akufo-Addo to represent the NPP in 2016 unopposed.

“This looks like some kind of a scheme to put pressure on Alan…even before Sunday’s congress, there have been a lot of pressure on Alan not to run, not to contest and after the Sunday election, they want him to step down…,” he said.

His claims follow a visit to Kyeremanten’s campaign office by the National Organizer, John Boadu and some other regional organizers.

According to Mr. Ntow, Boadu and his team “wanted to discuss the possibility of all the other candidates who remain in the race to present one candidate in which case there should not be any primary election.”

They also proposed that all aspirants, must make the rest of the campaigning more decorous; devoid of attacks.

But they were reportedly unable to state the strategic basis of the proposal and which candidate the group had in mind.

“They were not able to indicate which candidate they had in mind, should there be a consensus for one candidate to run,” Ntow said, adding that
“they were not able to put it across and they were not also able to provide any details as to what kind of procedure or modalities should be followed.”

Kyeremanten’s spokesperson on Citi Prime News, disclosed that soon after Boadu and his team left, reports reached them that the National Women’s Organizer, Otiko Afisa Djaba was planning a similar visit.

He said that “we had information that the National Women Organizer is also initiating a similar process where all the regional Women Organizers will come together to employ emotional tactics and use whatever emotional methods to push Alan to accept to step down.”

“…so if you put all of these things together, it looks like some grand scheme,” he insisted.

Ntow consequently admonished the leadership of the party or any other individual instigating the said grand scheme “not to do anything to disenfranchise party delegates who are also looking forward to participate in the process of selecting a candidate.”

In response, the National Organizer of the NPP John Boadu, vehemently denied that his visit was only aimed at getting Kyeremanten to back out of the flagbearership race.

According to him, they visited the other shortlisted candidates to primarily commend them for Sunday’s peaceful super delegates’ congress.
He said, all the organizers of the party always work to ensure that there was peace within the party, when major party events are to take place.

As a result, they visited the remaining aspirants “to plead and wish that the vitriolic and sometimes, some of the allegations against each other, will come down for us to have a unified and a cohesive party after the 18th.”

The party is scheduled to vote for a presidential candidate to lead them into the 2106 general elections on October 18, 2014. But as usual, regional delegates have started visiting the Nima residence of Nana Addo in chorographic manner, declaring their support to him, something the national executives have declared illegal.

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