NPP Can’t Achieve 30% In Volta Region


The claim by the NPP that they will achieve 30 percent of vote cast in the upcoming election, has been described as highly ambitious, unrealistic and unachievable, according to Kafui Agbleze, the Volta Regional Communication Officer.

He explained that, in 2008 the NPP had 15.38 percent of votes from the region, and in 2012 the vote of the NPP dropped significantly to 12.9 percent.

“How on earth will they achieve 30 percent, Mr. Agbleze questioned.

He described the projection as “…an impossible miracle possible only in dreams and not in the Volta region”.

To him, “Nana Addo has shown bad leadership within his own party making some members of his party not to have confidence in him how much more the general public”.

In his opinion, “the performance of the NPP in the Volta Region, will rather reduce to 10 percent, because of the significant level of development taking place under President John Mahama”.

He charged, “Volta Region under President Mahama can now boast of a university with satellites campus at Hohoe and Keta, 15 community SHS at various levels of construction with two commissioned so far by the president”.

Mr. Agbleze, also mentioned fibre optic cable laid in the region to improve business and education, the Ho aerodrome under construction, multimillion dollar water processing plant at Adidome to provide water for five districts in the region”.

He was extremely sure these and others like the Eastern Corridor Roads, “will give the NPP a very poor showing when the region goes to the polls”.

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