NPP Boys & Girls Smuggled Into Police Training Schools



As 1,584 Selected Recruit Wait In Vain

Attempt to convert the Ghana police service into a political organization by the Akufo-Addo government to ensure regime protection is more perverse than ever before known by the public.

The craze has led to the removal of the Director-General of Police Human Resource Department at the Police Headquarters in Accra, and appointment of a junior officer as her replacement.

The Herald has landed on impeccable information from within the Police administration, which paints a worrying spectacle about how the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) through the use of interest, authority and coercion, has infiltrated the service with party boys and girls to have them form a new generation of police officers.

In the regards, some 1,584 Ghanaians, who responded to a widely publicized recruitment announcement in the dailies,and purchased police recruitment forms, went through body selection, medical examination, among others, waiting to be called to Police Training Depots, have largely been replaced with party boys and girls, some of whom are currently in training.

This means there are people receiving police training to become officers, who hadn’t gone through the required selection process namely academic qualification, body selection and medical examination as prescribed by the police administration.

This according to this paper’s sources was done after the forceful removal of a top police officer by name Commissioner of Police (COP), Beatrice ZakpaaVib-Sanziri, as the Director-General of Police Human Resource Department at the Police Headquarters in Accra.

Insiders have told this newspaper that, the Police Commissioner, had kicked against attempt by the government to smuggle the political party activists, but the government had the final say.

COP Vib-Sanziri, has since been removed as the Director-General of Police Human Resource Department and sent to head the Directorate of Police Intelligence & Professional Standard Bureau (PIPS).

She has since been replaced by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP), Nana Asomah Hinneh, who is many years her junior in the Service.

She had insisted on going through the regular mode of recruitment of police officers, but this was kicked against by the politically-minded hierarchy, who are working for the Akufo-Addo government, rather than the State.

These party boys and girls selected by the constituency chairmen of the governing party, are currently at various police depos and are being trained to form the new generation of the Police officers.

The Herald has obtained the names of the 1,584 young men and women, who were made to purchase the recruitment forms and went tthrough various exercise, paying various sums of money with the hope of becoming officers of the institution, which has “service with integrity” as its motto.

In November last year, this paper disclosed information that, recruitment into the Ghana Police Service, had been hijacked by the Office of the Chief of Staff at the Presidency.

Madam FremaOpare’s Office, this paper has gathered, had directed the Constituency Chairmen of the governing party in all the 275 constituencies, to choose two persons each from their areas for placement in the Service for the 2018/2019 recruitment year.

The situation, had gotten many professional police worried, as the Party Police phenomenon is repeating itself with its attendant challenges such as, academically unqualified security men, disrespectful personnel, bad Physique officers and medically unfit men put in uniform on the basis of their political connections.

Interestingly, hundreds of thousands of Ghanaian youth since last year, had been going through various procedures, including body selection and made to pay for medical checks to determine their eligibility to become police officers.

This was after the Ghana Police Service, got them to purchase admission forms by way of scratch cards at GHc50. But that whole arrangement which also saw the taking of fingerprints of those who qualified to be moved to police training schools across their country, is at a standstill as result of the Flagstaff House interest in the recruitment exercise.

The Herald’s insiders, revealed that the information from the Presidency, was communicated to the NPP chairmen days ago, from the Office and they were expected to submit the names last Tuesday, this paper was told.

This not strange as in the past, ex-Member of Parliament (MP)and Minister of Information under former President John Kufuor’s administration, Stephen Asamoah Boateng, publicly boasted on radio that he helped recruit a good number of youth from his Mfantsiman West Constituency into the Police Service.

Popularly known as Asabee, the then legislator, helped 300 of the people of Mfantsiman West in the Central Region.

The sources, who also expressed reservations about recent recruitments into the security services, said already the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) has recruited more than 350 persons into the Bureau this year.

A massive recruitment also went on in the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS). These recruitments, this paper is informed, are done on the blind side of the larger Ghanaian populace. The NPP party, which had taken centre stage in the recruitment exercises, is doing so on party lines. Insiders say, recruits are given appointment letters on Saturdays and the next day, where they were expected to bring their acceptance letters.

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