NPP Adopts Coffin As New Symbol


As “All-Die-Be-Die” Rules; President Kufuor Vindicated

Active supporters and sympathizers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), appear to have replaced the elephant with the ‘Wooden Pijamas’– Coffin as their new symbol, and living with the infamous “all-die-be-die”, declared by their presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo, during the 2012 election.

Some criminal-minded NPP activists at Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region on Wednesday night acid-bombed their Regional Chairman, Adams Mahama, resulting in his untimely death at the Regional Hospital, yesterday.

Mr. Mahama, met his untimely death, while returning home in his vehicle from a party activity, when two NPP thugs stopped him for a conversation, but doused him with the explosive liquid.

The deadly liquid, which burnt and peeled off large portions of his skin, appeared to be of a higher concentration, as the leather seat on which he was sitting in his car when the acid was poured on him, was also badly burnt exposing the cushion.

Mr. Mahama, is said to have courageously driven himself home to his family, where he collapsed and was rushed to the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital by his wife, but was later pronounced dead while arrangement were afoot to airlift him to the Burns Unit of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra for treatment, especially surgery.

Before he passed on, Mr. Mahama is said to have mentioned the names of one Gregory Afoko, a younger brother of NPP National Chairman, Paul Afoko, and Afagba as his attackers, while begging that he was buried in his village with his children looked after.

According to one of the gentlemen who helped rushed the late chairman to the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital, the substance which was in a gallon looked more dangerous than acid.

The eyewitness, who spoke on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem morning show Thursday, noted that the chemical looked so dangerous that those who got close to the vehicle, had to wash their faces with water before they could do anything else.

In the wake of the struggle for the soul of the party, supporters have called on the elders of the party, most especially ex-President John Kufuor to intervene to bring lasting solution to the unending fights in the party.

However, it is not clear, if Mr. Kufuor, will rise to the occasion as a video of the now statesman in 2007, when the party was searching for a presidential candidate to succeed him, warned NPP delegates to pick a credible candidate, rather than someone who would bring tension and disunity to the party.

It has been argued that, Mr. Kufuor did not like Nana Addo as his successor, but the man who served as his Attorney General and Minister for Justice, was chosen and since then, the party has known no peace.

In the video, Mr. Kufuor cautioned that, “Already we have about 50 percent of the votes we need to go back to power, we have put it aside that is ours. We are going to challenge our opponents. But what we have to be careful about is that even as we search for a successor, we must look for somebody who will continue to hold the party together. We mustn’t go in for anybody who would divide us because we by ourselves alone cannot get all the vote we need”.

He went on, “True NPP people will vote for us but then I don’t think we will make the 50% plus one to win at one touch. This is why we need to stay together so that we would be attractive to draw other people to join us to go beyond the absolute majority. So anybody who is always full of tension and fighting and that sort of things we have to be careful about, the party must stay together”.

Mr. Kufuor said, “Then when we see that person, we must also look and see when we present to the rest of the country all of Ghana, he must be the type most people will look at and say ah, this man when we sleep on him we would sleep he is a good person we would work with him. That is how to secure the majority”.

He challenged the delicates to shun the love for money and be circumspect in choosing who becomes the next leader of the party and if possible Ghana. “So among the candidates or aspirants coming listen to everybody please is the money they would bring around if they call you and give you ten million and you think because of that you….

When you want to catch a chicken what do you do you give it corn but then that corn might lead to it death so it is not money so the candidate that would come it is not the money listen ask questions see how the mind works look at his nature and see whether the party he will lead us all together as one family and then after the party, the majority of the nation will accept this person as the leader”.

In his last caution, the ex-Ghanaian leader said, “The third thing you must again look for is whether when the power is given to this person to lead us he is the type with the experience and with all due respect the wisdom to be able to keep the country united, to secure the nation to get the respect of the forces the ministry the Police the chiefs look out for that because you know the history. Some people have been given power only to use it just like that we don’t want that.

“With us when the power comes to us we must hold it and continue till the last day and then ask the people to continue to vote for us to stay in power. So when you are given check this person that he is asking he may be a nice man, you may like him, even perhaps most of the people may like him but is he the type that can hold the power when it comes to us that is another question”.

It is a difficult test but then governing is difficult but fortunately for us our party has the tradition we know opposition and we know government we are matured there are men and women I believe wise and Ghanaians trust us so we must go the hard way and get a good candidate.

I am having to say this because I too I have interest in who will succeed me I want a man who will take the power so I can go into retirement resting and in dignity I can sleep and enjoy…….so when I talk like this some people say ah you want to impose certain….. it is not that I am entitled to want a good person to succeed me”.

Mr. Mahama’s demise, follows a decision by the late chairman to prevent Mr. Afoko and General Secretary, Kwabena Agyei Agyapong to hold a meeting in the Upper East Regional capital Bolgatanga about two weeks ago, on reason that, he was not informed.

It took the intervention of the Police to bring calm to the capital as the two party executives, had to come back to Accra without holding the meeting. Following the incident, a group calling itself, Youth For Afoko, announced their formation indicating on Citi FM that, it was formed to ostensibly give protection to National Chairman and General Secretary, anytime they visited the region.

Meanwhile, Boyaa Mohammed and Hajia Fati, sisters of Mr. Mahama, have accused Mr. Afoko and Mr. Agyapong of being responsible for the attack. But earlier yesterday, Mr. Afoko, who spoke on the incident on Adom FM, distanced his brother from any wrong doing.

He is yet to respond to the allegation on his person by the two women. The Second Vice Chairman of the Upper East Region, who made the attempt to visit Mr. Mahama’s family in the hospital, was attacked and said to have sustained injuries on his head and he is on admission receiving treatment.

The NPP crisis comes on the heels of many wrangling in the party which started last year, resulting in verbal and physical attacks with Akufo-Addo’s supporters, claiming Mr Agyapong and Mr. Afoko, are not working for his victory in next year’s presidential election.

Last year, during a press conference at the Asylum Down Headquarters of the party by Mr. Afoko and Agyapong, some thugs, who wore black T-shirts with the inscription “Invisible Forces”, who provides security for Nana Akufo-Addo, were captured on camera landing hefty blows on other party supporters to the amazement of onlookers and journalists.

Even before that incident last year, there was another incident, where party thugs wielding cutlasses, guns, clubs, stormed the headquarters to cause mayhem.

On the same day when the party elected it presidential candidate, an aide to Mr. Afoko, Atluk Ibrahim, was attacked at the environs of the headquarters by some party thugs he claimed are sympathetic to Nana Addo, leaving one of his arms broken.

Efforts by Mr. Mohammed to have the thugs arrested proved futile, as the Nima Police Station, where he reported the incident to, did very little to help arrest his assailants.

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