NPP Acid Victim Terrorized Afoko & Agyapong


Days before his death

Embattled General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, has narrated the incident that heralded the acid bath that led to the death of the Upper East Regional Chairman of his party, Adams Mahama, some two weeks ago. He called living witnesses and gave the clearest indication he did not want any trouble from him.

He revealed how he pleaded with the Upper East Regional Police commander not to arrest him, despite leading thugs to beat up the NPP Upper East Regional Organiser to near death, as well as a team of 30 thugs to storm the offices of the Upper East Regional Command, demanding for him and the NPP National Chairman, Paul Afoko .
He explained, he had to beg on behalf of Adams Mahama, because he did not want the problems he and Paul were going through in the party to be aggravated any further.

The former Press Secretary to ex-President John Kufuor, is captured on tape interacting with regional party executives denying any wrong doing, contrary to skewed reports that he together with the national chairman, were engaging in anti-Akufo–Addo campaign throughout the country.

Addressing NPP constituency chairmen at the Great Asor Hotel at Asokwa in Kumasi, Mr Agyapong, gave a blow by blow account of him and Mr. Afoko’s terrifying encounter with the late Adams Mahama from the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), where the three of them boarded the same aircraft to Tamale, before proceeding to the Upper East Region, to meet regional executives.

Speaking on the matter publicly for the first time, Mr Agyapong, mentioned an NPP bigwig, Lawyer Ambrose Dery, as having witnessed Adams Mahama’s embarrassing public display at KIA in Accra, where he on top of his voice, viciously accused Mr. Afoko of “sabotaging Nana [Nana Addo]” warning “you people you will see today, there would be bloodshed in Bolga”.

He said, every attempt by him to calm down the contractor turned-politician at the airport fell on deaf ears, although the two of them had been together the previous day and had had a friendly chat in his office at the Asylum Down headquarters of the NPP in Accra.

According to Mr. Agyapong, additional effort by the former Upper East Regional Minister, Ambrose Dery, to calm the lion in Adams Mahama did not work, as he recalled the angry chairman, snubbed the respected Lawyer Dery, in the presence of others.

He also revealed, how the NPP National Organiser, John Boadu, had called him, saying he could not go with him and Paul Afoko to Tamale and Bolga, because the place was going to be hostile.

Mr. Boadu, had confirmed this on an Accra-based Montie FM that he wanted to go, but wanted assurances from the late Adams Mahama, because he exhibited anger towards the NPP National Chairman in his presence, while in a meeting with the General Secretary.

Mr Agyapong, continued that when they arrived at the Tamale Airport in the Northern Region, all the NPP executives were at the airport to receive them, except the NPP Northern regional chairman, Daniel Bugri Naabu, who supports Nana Akufo-Addo and has even been caught on tape saying the NPP flagbearer, prefers working with Freddie Blay, the First Vice-Chairman.

According to Mr Agyapong, when they arrived at Tamale, he saw Adams Mahama, frantically calling the NPP Northern Regional Secretary to stop the Tamale meeting, but he “did not listen” to him. Later, the General Secretary, alleged in the tape that he saw the deceased speaking to a “boy about what would happen in Bolga, if we come there”.

The NPP General Secretary, described the Tamale interaction as successful. He said, he spoke on grassroots organization at the local level, while the Chairman Afoko, talked about unity in the party.

He said, they proceeded to Bolga in the evening, but before they could reach there, they picked signals about how Adams Mahama had stormed the venue of the said meeting to scatter it and “told the regional organizer why he had called people and that they should despair and that we are coming to do anti-Akufo-Addo campaign and do negative things”.

When Adams Mahama was challenged by the coordinator of the meeting who together with the other executives in the Upper East Region listened to the two men’s meeting in Tamale via secret phone recording, the deceased went and organized some thugs from town to come and beat up the Regional Organizer, Cletus Ayambere, to pulp.

The Police, according to Mr Agyapong upon hearing the incident, rushed to the venue purposely to intervene and successfully rescued Mr Ayambere from the guest house, where the meeting was to be held.

Considering the information they picked up from Bolga, Mr Agyapong said, he managed to convince Mr Afoko to cancel the planned meeting, but meet the executives somewhere in the regional capital just to give them transportation, having travelled from far and near to attend a meeting that had been botched.

He continued that judging from how unsafe the place had been turned; they decided to go to the police station for their safety. But while there, Mr Agyapong said, they had information that the deceased had stormed the Police Station with 30 ‘macho men’ demanding to see them. Despite a protest from the police, they obliged him a meeting in the office of the Regional Police boss.

“Before long, Adams arrived at the Police Station with 30 macho men that one, I saw it physical and then they used tears gas, can you imagine? The police had to use tear gas at the police station to disperse the crowd”.

Mr Agyapong said, while at the Police Station to listen to what had happened to the NPP Regional Organizer, the women organizer also “came in tears, crying”.

But when Adams Mahama was given the chance to see the two in front of the regional commander, he acted rudely annoying the Police commander in the process, leading the commander threatening to beat him up and put him behind bars but he (Kwabena Agyapong) begged the police not to do it, as it could deepen the troubles in the party.

He revealed how the commander was so angry that he had to throw his bottled water at the late chairman, who was exchanging unpleasant words with him and showing total disrespect.

“They tried arresting him for misbehaving, but I begged them not to do so just to have my peace”, he explained.

“Adams arrived at the Police station with 30 macho men and that one I saw it physically…the police had to use tear gas at the police station to disperse the crowd.

“After a while, the police kept insisting that Adams says he wants to see us…and we told the Police that he is the regional chairman, we came here because of him, so let him come if he wants to come alone.

“He entered the room, sat on one side; I was seated at the other side and the Police commander on his desk so the commander asked him ‘so regional chairman what is the problem – ask them’ [Mahama’s response], so the commander also flared and said how can you come to my office and disrespect me [this way], the police commander was so angry, he took his water bottle and threw it at Adams and said he would beat him up, but the Police in the room separated them.

“In fact the Police Commander, wanted to detain him and arrest him, but I said, ‘commander if you arrest this man and detain him, they would say me and Paul, have come to the region and [caused his arrest] so we beg you let him go”.

It was after these incidents that, the following week, Adams Mahama, was acid-bathed by some men who were identified by the deceased as Gregory Afoko, younger brother of the national chairman and one other known NPP activist, who is on the run. Six others are said to be on the run also. Adams Mahama’s final Islamic funeral rite is on coming Sunday.

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