NPA, Must Check Filling Stations


We take many things for granted in this country, especially the lives of our fellow country men and women.

We have over the years, blamed politicians for every problem in this country, to the extent that we forget our individual responsibilities.

The importance of Fire Extinguishers in our homes, shops, places of business etc, have been drummed home by the Officers Ghana Fire Service, who go round offices and shops and visit homes periodically to check and educate business owners, as well as home owners, on the need to have functioning Fire Extinguishers.

A lot of shops, homes and markets, have been consumed by fire, because of the lack of Fire Extinguishers.

What is disturbing is the apparent lack or where they are non-functioning or expired Fire Extinguishers at most of the Filling Stations in this country.

We all know the consequence of a lack of Fire Extinguisher at a Filling Station, should the place go up in flames.

It will not only affect the Filling Station, but will extend to homes and shops within a certain radius, causing harm not only to human, but will destroy properties.

Officials of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), do visit Filling Stations to ensure that they adhere and apply safety procedures, among the things they inspect is Fire Extinguishers.

Three days ago, a Toyota Highlander, caught fire at the SONIDAN Filling Station at Achimota, near the old Peace FM building. All the eight Fire Extinguishers at the Filling Station, did not work, when the attendants brought it, to help douse the flame.

Thank God, the negligence of the owner of the Filling Station, or the Manager, whose duty it was to ensure that the Fire Extinguishers at the Station work well, when they is any unfortunate incident of fire, as happened, did not lead to the death or injury of anybody around.

Laws must work in this country. We cannot continue to behave like we live in a jungle, living everything to the mercy and direction of our creator.

Only God knows how many Filling Stations in the country, are not without functioning Fire Extinguishers or have appropriate safety measures to avert any catastrophe.

NPA, must begin to bare it teeth and actually get to work.

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