Now Than The Quinine Executives Have Been Changed For Asiedu Nketia, The NDC Expect Sweet Victory In 2020.


The Wolf has one prayer, it will ask God to let it into the Sheep barn, and leave it to determine its own destiny.

This is the same prayer the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, said in the lead up to the 8th National Delegates Congress of the party in 2014, that elected Kofi Portuphy as its chairman.

In the run-up to that congress, at a press conference, Asiedu Nketia, made the party aware of people, he feels comfortable working with, but the delegates had a different idea.

And so it came to pass that, his wish was not granted. The disappointment set the tone for what was to become the most embarrassing defeat in the history of the NDC and our nascent democracy by a sitting president.

The General Secretary’s first error, which was a betrayal of some sort, is to describe his colleague executives as quinine executives.

A good leader is not one, who achieves much with a lot, but one who achieves more with little. When Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, became the president of this country, he worked with people, ho could be described today, as less educated. Some of them were stark illiterates, but he managed to achieve a lot, to the extent that

I have no doubt in my mind that, when the story of the NDC is being told, General Mosquito, as the General Secretary is affectionately called, will have a chapter or two, because his stewardship has seen the party chalked a lot of successes.

Among the few things I believe has continued to elude the General Secretary is the fact that, it is good to be witty, but too much of it is bad.

What could pass as a joke, actually played out in 2016, he foretold what was to happen to the NDC, even before the delegates could decide who they think qualifies to run the affairs of the party at the national level.

His wish was finally granted last month when delegates in a tsunami manner changed almost all the national executives, with the exception of General Mosquito. He is as we say the last man standing, as far as the old executives were concerned.

Silence, it is said means consent, General Mosquito, did not hold a press conference, as he did in 2014, so it is safe to assume that, he is okay with the current crop of executives. As I stated earlier only a self centered leader, would choose his favourites among the same people, who share the same ideology and with the same aim and vision.

Everyone in NDC, regardless of differences and background, must at all times put the interest of the party above theirs.

Granted that, the people General Mosquito, wanted elected were not elected, he had no excuse and no choice than to work with the people the delegates thought were better suited to run the affairs of the party.

It is not always that, we get our wish, but as the whites say, when you are given a lemon, you make a lemonade.

When the old man without teeth insists that strong beef is his favourite, he’s passing a message, and it is only a matter of time before reality sets in.
The reality is that, General Mosquito, has given himself a challenge, one that will establish him as the best General Secretary NDC, has ever had and will ever have.

Victory in 2020, is the only thing the party wants from him and his ‘sweet’ executives. The quinine executives, with tired legs, have given way for more robust and agile legs.

What happened in 2016, could be a lesson to the delegates of the NDC, who refused to heed the call of General Mosquito, not to elect some executives, they realized that too late.

In politics, words are the most dangerous commodity, what you say today, could be Achilles Heels or your saving grace tomorrow. The stone that, General Mosquito, has thrown, could bounce back to hit him or not.

Unfortunately for the NDC, after more than a decade of being a chief scribe of the biggest political party in Ghana, General Mosquito, has not learn any lessons.

In politics, politicians, have an increasing appetite for jokes and being witty, but it does not serve them well, when it is overdone.

General Mosquitoe’s jokes and wittiness served the NDC very well when Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, alias Sir John was the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), because anytime Asiedu Nketia is called on a programme and he fools, he is always overtaken by Sir John, when he comes on.

They were actually competing among themselves, as to who can fool the most. Sir John had the highest mark and he became the laughing stock of the media, who always relished the idea of talking to him.

Now that Sir John is off the scene, General Mosquito, needs to change his style, I have always said that, you cannot win today’s war with yesterday’s strategy.

Politics is about numbers, the way he is throwing jabs and laughing it off as though the party he leads is in government, doesn’t sound like someone, who should know that, what NDC needs most now is unity.

I do not need a soothsayer or be one to know that, John Dramani Mahama, will lead the party as the flagbearer for election 2020. I have told friends anything short of 90percent in the primary for JM, is a loss.

He does not need Asiedu Nketia to dismantle the party before 2020. Telling the other contestants to go to hell is not the best way to foster unity.

I do not know what agenda he has, but the agenda of the NDC is winning 2020 and that means all hands on deck.

Ex-president Rawlings was right when he said in the lead up to the 2016 elections that, in 2012 the NDC needed John Mahama to win that election, in 2016, John Mahama, will need the party to win that election.

The likes of General Mosquito brushed him off, as a ranting from a madman, the verdict is already out, when we all know what happened.

I daresay in 2020, the party needs John Mahama and he also needs the party to win the election.

Asiedu Nketia, must get serious or he will go down as a General Secretary, who walked in peoples shadow to claim victory, he worked little to achieve.

After all, we all know the three prong approach that won the NDC the 2008 election and the force of nature that trailed John Mahama, to win the 2012 election, almost single-handedly.



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