Not All Ghanaians Are GUTA Members

On Wednesday, June 19, a group of young men, believed to be members of the Ghana Union of Traders’ Association (GUTA),   indulged in a dangerous tomfoolery when they ransacked and vandalized shops belonging to some Nigerian traders at the Suame Magazine in the Ashanti Region.

To the chagrin of most Ghanaians, the Abossey Okai Spare Parts Dealers Association also endorsed the action taken by their counterpart in Kumasi.

The traders claimed, they were only enforcing the laws of Ghana, which bar foreigners from engaging in the retail sub-sector, a preserve of Ghanaians.

This newspaper begs to disagree totally with the action of GUTA. They have every right to protest, but certainly not in the manner in which they chose to register their anger.

Ransacking and vandalizing shops belonging to Nigerians, is irrepressible, indefensible and callous. It is absurd and unimaginable that Ghanaians who are known to be hospitable and accommodating, can have the presence of mind to throw decency and civility to the wind and resort to a demeaning, embarrassing and needless behavior that is unbecoming of us.

It is a fact that, this is not the first time, such an action has been taken against our brothers and sisters from Nigeria.

More disturbing to us is the fact that, it is not only Nigerians, who are engaged in retail trade.

Ghana is not a jungle and will never descend to that. Those who carried out this despicable act should be arrested and prosecuted.

In the interest of the country, as well as the entire sub-region, we advise the government to hasten in whatever decision, they arrive at.

GUTA, does not represent the interest of Ghanaians, like any other union, it is there to promote the interest of its members.

Ghana, is not an island, as a country, which begun the struggle for the reunification of Africa, it will be good if our people are educated to see every African as a brother or sister.

We cannot allow those with white skin to freely engage in retail trade, but attack our brothers and sisters, because they have black skin.

We have Ghanaians in Nigeria, who are engaged in legitimate business, they do not have to pay for the actions of some misguided individuals in Ghana.

Equally, we have Nigerians who are also into genuine business in Ghana, we cannot use the actions of some miscreants to create problems that could one day escalate to the level as witnessed between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

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