No To A New Voters Register

The proposal by the country’s election management body to compile a new voters’ register, has brought to the fore the contradictions, double standard, which if not checked could mar December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Since the unpopular decision was announced by the Electoral Commission (EC), political parties, civil society organizations, religious bodies, etc, have roundly condemned it and have appealed to the Commission to reverse the decision.

Among the posers that have been raised by these bodies since the announcement is the question of time. According to them, we are few months away to the elections and this will only result in chaos if care is not taken.

Also to the shock of Ghanaians is the Deputy Commissioner of the EC, Dr Eric Asare Bossman, statement that the election management body will go ahead with its plans since it is in the best interest of the country.

“The Commission has made it very clear that looking at where we find ourselves now, it will be more appropriate and better for us to be able to compile a new register to guarantee and ensure that we have a credible, free and fair election,” he told Joy FM on Monday.

As a newspaper, we totally disagree with the EC on the need for a new register. It has not demonstrated enough reasons, why the one that was used for the 2012 and 2016 elections, should be scrapped.

We align ourselves with the position of political parties and civil society organizations opposed to the proposal that, the country is not ready to go through another rigorous exercise of compiling a new register.

We are further disturbed, because Ghanaians are losing faith in politicians and the political establishments, asking them to go and queue for another registration exercise is going to be very difficult.

EC, should be stopped from going ahead with compiling a new voters register, until all the parties come to a firm understanding that, a new register is needed, else we risk jeopardizing this year’s elections.


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