No longer sacred; The Ghanaian Christianity

For some years now, Christianity in Ghana, has suffered an up roar of some dramatic insanities from some churches and Christian personalities in the country.

Lately, it has become more of a torn in the flesh of concerned Ghanaians as the situation seems to be getting out of control.

In the days of old, pastors were men, who were seen as God’s very mouthpiece, who spoke the mind of God to the people and mediated between God and his people. The sound of their title connoted  holiness, peace, purity and righteousness. This was evident, because only they were allowed to go into the holy of holies.

Not everyone tom, dick and harry could just rise and decide to be a pastor, due to how sacred the work was. Apparently, before someone could become a pastor, he should have been ordained by an oracle of God by anointing with oil, as in the case of Elisha.

Fortunately for some so-called pastors and unfortunately for Christianity in these times, the case has changed.

Now, anybody who feels he or she has the passion; being fake or genuine, can take theological course or attend bible school, attain a certificate and in no time, they parade themselves around as pastors.

Self acclaimed pastors, who mobilize a number of people, start a church and do everything doable and undoable to keep the members they have and populate their “one-man churches” with more and more members, regardless if what they do goes against Christ; the head of the church.

On November 4, 2017, prophet Daniel Obinim ; founder and leader of international God’s way church was reported by Ghanaweb to have ordered his members at his Tema branch to bring their used under wears such as singlets, brassieres, boxer shorts, etc to church on a said Tuesday service for a spiritual exercise.

This so- called spiritual exercise involved burning those under wears that would be brought.

In the viral video about this issue, Obinim told his members “God told me after that, all your problems will be taken away” after which the members shouted a big amen, amid clapping and appraisal shouts.

This same “angel Obinim” was spotted in a viral video on social media, punishing a woman of 28 years old to carry a 50kg bag of cement for refusing his lotto number offer in her dream. This issue saw so many Ghanaians criticizing Obinim for maltreating the lady.

Amusingly, this lady broke the silence on the issue with a video, in which she warned Ghanaians to mind their own businesses. In the video, she questioned what right Ghanaians had to criticize a man of God, who is an angel and would be soon graduated to become a god.

Ghanaians thought they had heard and seen it all, until Nicholas Osei, popularly known as prophet Kumchacha; declared in an interview on Okay Fm that, “any man who licks his woman lives longer” it is undoubtedly factual that a man of God should not say such a thing, especially on air, taking into consideration, the moral values of the society we find ourselves as Ghanaians.

Another controversial pastor; rev. Obofour ; leader and founder of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), insulted one supposed possessed man, whom he was praying for. This man of God did not mind, what so ever to insult the man, as an animal and his grandmother’s buttocks in front of his congregation in a service that was supposed to be on sweet TV; a television station that is known to always show contents from APC.

Come to think of it, what brought about the fashion of churches owning media houses in the country? The likes of OB TV, light TV, sweet TV, fire TV, etc. From dawn to dusk, these tv stations feed Ghanaians with live coverage from their churches, with mostly no editorial effects on them. Some people instead of paying attention to work at their work places, they watch these stations and religiously follow whatever is being done. Those who are home also refuse to do anything profitable for themselves than to watch these stations from morning till evening.

This is clearly problematic to the human resources in Ghana and productivity as a whole.

Nonetheless, the Christian council of Ghana (CCG), as well as Ghana Pentecostal and charismatic council have spoken severally against these uncalled for disturbances of the Ghanaian society by Christianity and we sit with our fingers crossed that it shall get better.

Esther Anane Boakyewaa

Ghana Institute Of Journalim

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