No Joy At NPP Cape Coast Conference


Low morale, lack of enthusiasm, disappointment and neglect, manifested itself at the 25th annual delegates’ conference of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Saturday in Cape Coast, as party members who hadn’t gotten jobs inside the Akufo-Addo government, openly expressed their frustrations.

Although, attendance was massive, the ward, branch, constituency, regional and National executives of the ruling party who had gathered in the Central regional capital, exhibited lack of passion and motivation for the event; the first of its kind since the NPP was sworn into office in January 2017.

Most of the party executives, feel left out of the government’s appointments namely; ministerial, agency heads, agency board memberships, Metropolitan and district chief executives positions, therefore, feel unemployed and means of income. They are yet to feel the change President Akufo-Addo promised as Presidential candidate of the NPP.

In response to visible frustrations being expressed by the NPP members, President Nana Akufo-Addo, stated there are not enough jobs in the public sector to take up the teeming unemployed Ghanaians seeking government work, adding that the vision of his government is rather to create jobs in the private sector.

“There are not enough jobs in the state machinery to offer jobs” for the government to employ into the public sector, but assured that his government would create enough to cater for all “if we stay [in office] long enough” “We came to create job in the private sector….Our vision for Ghana is about a thriving private economy.

The acting NPP National Chairman, Freddie Blay, had urged President Akufo-Addo to prioritize loyalists of the NPP in the government’s programs.

According to him, it is “only fair that those who worked for the government to be in power” to be first time beneficiaries of the government’s policy programs.

Delivering his opening address at the NPP’s National Delegates’ Conference in the Central Region, Freddy Blay, said such party members, must also be made ambassadors for the party’s policy programs in their respective communities.

“It is only fair that those who worked for the government to be in power, who believes in the policies and support of its implementation, must be first time beneficiaries and channels /of communication of government programs in our communities,” he said.

“It is advisable and imperative that our government recognizes the creative and entrepreneurial abilities of members of our party and economically empower them so that they can be an example of the prosperity we seek to deliver to Ghanaians,” he added.

Freddie Blay’s comment, comes to support one made in April this year by the Deputy Minister for Roads and Highways, Anthony Abayifa Karbo, who implored DCE’s to consider hard working party members first in employment opportunities.

Freddie Blay, noted that there has been growing concerns from some members of the party that they do not have jobs despite working hard to get the party into government.

He said there are “growing complaints about access to government functionaries and lack of employment which we inherited from the NDC administration. This is disturbing but related to the economic problem.”

President Akufo- Addo’s statement also comes on the back of similar one made by his Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo Maafo that there are no jobs at the public sector for unemployed Ghanaians.

Speaking at the Ghana Economic Forum on August 8, he said the public sector is already full, adding, “There will not be any additional employment in the public sector”. But President Akufo-Addo on Saturday said it is the priority of his government to rehabilitate the Ghanaian economy by putting it “in a sound footing.

He said the NPP government would deliver on its job promises but said “we can only do so if we have an economy that is strong, stable”.

He reminded Ghanaians particularly his critics that government will not be able to “to create jobs in a dysfunctional economy” and that his government was laying the foundation for a solid economy that would attract domestic and foreign investors.

“All the economic indices are going in the right direction…The sense of confidence in the economy is returning…. Let’s stay on course and support the economy programmes to consolidate our economy”. He added: “We are steadily on course.”

President Akufo- Addo told government officials to conduct themselves in a manner that will ensure the success of the government.

According to him, the performance of the party will determine whether New Patriotic Party (NPP) will remain a relevant political force in the country.

He issued a stern warning to members of the party who sabotage his government’s efforts.

“The future of the party is about the success of our government. And the success of the government is about our conduct. Each one of us beginning with me, through the Vice President, Chief of Staff, Ministers of State and the Deputies…. Our conduct is what will determine the success of our government,” he said.

“If we conduct ourselves well and respect the wishes and aspirations of the Ghanaian people that brought us here today and comport ourselves with dignity and humility as people who have come to provide service to our nation, that is the foundation that will allow us to build victory upon victory,” he added.

The President made the statement during the NPP’s 25th annual delegates conference held at Cape Coast in the Central Region on Saturday.

Akufo-Addo, said he would not relent in his effort to ensure that the government is not plunged into a pool of corruption scandals.

He said, he would not shield any of his appointees from facing the rigors of the law if they are found culpable in any act of corruption, adding that anyone who alleges corruption against any official in his government must be ready to provide proof to ensure proper investigation and prosecution.


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