NMC Hits The Nail Right On The Head!


The National Media Commission (NMC) has said what many people have struggled over the years to say since 2009, when the National Democratic Congress (NDC), came into office.

The NMC is quoted as saying that the Government has lost the battle as far as Public Relations (PR) was concerned.

The NDC administration since 2009, when it was then led by the late President, John Evans Atta Mills, has always been on the trajectory of reacting to issues when they crop up, instead of being proactive and responding to issues in a timely manner.

It took the death of President Mills for Ghanaians to appreciate what he has done in his three and half year’s tenure.

Timing and accuracy, as well as precision, are very important ingredients when communicating Government programmes and policies.

Often times, Government’s handling of such sensitive issues of national importance is delayed, until things get out of hand, before people get over each other for their voices to be heard. Another issue raised and of utmost importance is the calibre of people, who are out there selling Government’s policies and programmes.

Government, by every stretch of the imagination in the impasse involving the labour, as far as the second tier pension scheme was concern is right, in trying to look out for the interest of Ghanaian workers. A few overzealous and not investment savvy labour leaders, should not be allowed to decide for other 1000 members, whose joy of working is so that tomorrow, when they retire, they will go home with something.

Yet, in the presence of overwhelming evidence of good counsel, Government waited until 12 labour Unions declared a nationwide strike, to come out to explain the issues.

Even the number one brand in the world, Coca Cola, is one of the most advertised products in the world. Coca Cola is still engaged in selling itself and reinforcing itself in the minds of consumers.

Government need to recognize the need to carry Ghanaians along, all the good things it is doing, will only remain in the dark, if Ghanaians do not know what it is doing to alleviate their problems.

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