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The National Lottery Authority (NLA), supported by the Ministries of Finance, Defense and the Veterans Administration Ghana (VAG), has launched the much awaited VAG Lotto, alongside Super Six (6) Jackpot Game yesterdayin Accra.

The two games, to be played at 7: AM and 6: PM, are expected to boost government revenue, create jobs and also bring comfort to veterans. Super 6 Jackpot Game, is collaboration between NLA and a private company called, Global Fund.

It is a dividend game where according to the NLA, there is no capping and players, will have the chance to win not less than hundred thousand Ghana Cedis (GHc100, 000).

In a statement, Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, said one of the biggest achievements of President Akufo-Addo’s Government, was NLA /VAG collaboration. If successful, the collaboration will overwhelmingly change the lives of veterans, whom he described as “Heros” considering the very important roles they played while serving as officers.

He said, as part of the benefits of the NLA/ VAGcollaboration, eight buses have been procured for the veterans adding the Head Office of VAG has also been refurbished and the construction of the Military Sports Complex in Tamale which is partly sponsored by NLA /VAG.

NLA/ VAG Lotto, would immediately create 10, 000 jobs across the country. In effect, illegal Lotto Operations would be a thing of the past. The Defense Minister noted that, any private lotto operator, agent or writer who operates outside the NLA VAG collaboration, would be dealt with in accordance with the law.

The Director-General of NLA, Kofi Osei-Ameyaw, stated that, the Authority is working hard to champion President Akufo-Addo’s vision of Ghana beyond Aid and Africa beyond Aid, and that more innovative policies and programmes would be implemented by the Authority to maximize revenue generation as well as create jobs.

He announced the abolishment of manual lotto writing in the country.

The outlawing, according to Mr Osei-Ameyaw, takes effect immediately and warns that the law will deal ruthlessly with anyone who flouts the law by not obtaining license or permit from the NLA.

According to the Director-General, the activities of these illegal operators have over the years caused the NLA and the Veteran Association of Ghana (VAG) huge revenue loses as their activities conflicted with Act 750. He said their operation made the lotto business “untidy”

The Authority last year began the process to outlaw manual writing of lotto in the country and directed all operators to register with the NLA.

The deadline for the operators was November 2018 but because the Authority wanted to launch the new games, it delayed the directive till now.

The announcement which was first made at the event by the Defense Minister was received with applauds.

Mr Osei-Ameyaw said “I am particularly excited to have the Defense himself said that writing lotto numbers purporting to be a commercial transaction is a thing of the past.

Henceforth, and I mean henceforth, we gave those illegal operators amnesty up until Nov 2018.

We have not gone back to monitor their activities because we were waiting for today for this launch to happen and once it has happened, it gives us the power to advice all Ghanaians engaging in this business that, those who do not have the license please don’t venture to do the business”.

He continued “We have given our brothers and sisters ample time to get ready for today.  So get ready for today. We are ready to give each and every one provided you meet the criteria to be satisfied at the time of acquisition and application. We are bringing some sanity into the system, at the same time

The Director-General acknowledged the efforts of Defense Ministry, Finance Ministry, Board, Management and Staff of both NLA and VAG, Lotto Marketing Companies, Lotto Forecasters, Private Lotto Operators and the media.A live draw demonstration was conducted for the NLA VAG Lotto.

The event was well attended by the Board Members, Management and Staff of the NLA, the Board and Management of VAG, Lotto Marketing Companies, Private Lotto Operators, Lotto Forecasters, Veterans and host of other important dignitaries.

The launch was chaired by General C.B. Yaache. The former Director-General of the NLA said the collaboration as well as the two games have come at the right time as veterans will greatly benefit from it. According to him, veteran have needs and so must be supported with such programmes to take of their medical bills, transport and many others. He thanked the NLA, the various ministries and government for the initiatives.

The NLA VAG Lotto and Super six games, were officially launched by the Defense Minister on behalf of President Akufo-Addo. The first draw was conducted.











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