Nkonya Youth Goes Wild


….Over Soldiers Bonking Their Wives

Some young men in Nkonya in the Biakoye District Assembly of the Volta Region, are teething with anger over some soldiers bonking their women.
As part of finding a lasting peace to the inter – ethnic conflict between Nkonya and Alavanyo, a joint Military and Police re-enforcement team, comprising 89 military and 66 police personnel, were deployed to the area on July 30, 2013.

Three years down the line, the personnel have found new jobs aside the intended purpose for which they were deployed by the government.

The joint team which was to boost the capacity of 31 military and 41 police personnel already stationed in the area to maintain peace and order, have totally departed from their core duties.

According to reports emanating from the area, the soldiers, who are supposed to maintain peace are indiscriminately bonking the young ladies and people’s wives in the area.

The security personnel under the operation code named, “OPEARATION AHODWO”, were to help in the restoration of law and order in the two towns and to ensure a return to normalcy are themselves threatening the existing peace by soliciting sex from the young ladies and people’s wives in the towns.

The Herald can report that the actions of the peacekeepers, are threatening the volatile peace in the area as the youth are fuming with rage at the amorous relationship between some of the security personnel and their ladies.

The reports say at certain occasions, when the estranged husbands confront the officers who bait their wives or ladies, a misunderstanding ensues leading to the aggrieved men being beaten to pulp by the soldiers.

The Herald, can report there are even instances that led to fisticuffs between some young men and a security personnel, where the personnel later regroup and descended on the said young men.

The Herald, can report that the troops tasked to assist the civilians and maintain peace in the disputed areas are taking undue advantage of the women.
Some of the youth told The Herald in a telephone conversation that the situation was worrying, because the officers are perceived by the ladies as rich.

The youth are alarmed about the manner in which their ladies are jilting them for the officers stationed at the military detachments.

Even though the security situation in these areas have been calm since the arrival of the re-enforcement team, the latest development has given way for some simmering tension between the youth and the personnel, this paper learnt.

Interestingly, reports say that any time the young men resist the attempts by the officers to woo their partners, they are heavily intimidated.

The Herald can also report that co-operation between the taskforce and members of the public particularly, the youth has turned frosty.

When The Herald contacted the District Chief Executive of Biakoye District Assembly, Mr Louis Nana Akattah, he denied the report.

He said, no such information has gotten to his attention as the chairman of the District Security Committee (DISEC)

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