Nkawie Forestry Commission Embarks On Massive Afforestation Project.


From; James Sheriff Deen

The Nkawie Forestry Commission in the Atwima-Nwabiegya District of Ashanti region has embarked upon a massive afforestation project to enhance forest conservation.

It is aimed at conserving and restoring the already depleted forest by the nursing of timber seeds to maintain the forest from destruction.

Nana Poku Bosompim, the District Forestry Manager at Nkawie who made this known to the media on Wednesday said, since the year 2012, they have not done much on afforestation, they try to reach the communities on the Tongya System.

At the moment, he said 76 hectares of plantation seedlings imported from India called KIHUHIRI on their own are to be planted.

He added that, last year they planted 120 hectares which is creating jobs of which the farmers are also happy because it is bringing money into their pockets.

According to him, about 150 youth have been given permanent jobs which are going to last for about 10 years, while in this year; it is doing 128,000 hectares.

The 2015 National Best District Forestry Manager said, 16,000 indigenous seedlings are going to be planted because the country may lose its cocoa in future if the forest is depleted.

Nana Bosompim further disclosed that, they have brought trees on farming module to help and that; they have been given to the farmers. “What we want to do by ourselves is to pilot ourselves with each farmer given 20 species to plant to give them at least 2 million cocoa trees.

The whole idea is to “green the country” and they shall be able to plant 200,000 trees if cocoa farmers are added to the programme. End

Pix of Nana Poku Bosompim, the District Forestry Manager

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